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Personalized Learning and Independent Study

The Innovative Center for Personalized Learning (The IC) offers a variety of non-traditional learning experiences for students, staff, and community members. The IC seeks to meet the varied needs of our students as well as provide educational experiences that support the growth, development, and success of our staff and our community.
The High School also offers opportunities for irregularly earned credit including Independent Study, Online Courses, Summer School, Tutorials and Special Circumstances. 
Visit The IC's page on for more information.

Blended Learning Lab at The IC

The Blended Learning Lab at The Innovative Center for Personalized Learning ("The IC") provides a flexible learning environment and on-site teacher support for students who may benefit from a smaller or non-traditional setting. It also expands options for students who wish to take courses that are not offered in the traditional classroom setting.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs through Heights Career Tech Consortium

SHHS is part of the Heights Career Tech Consortium with Cleveland Heights High School, Bedford High School, Maple Heights High School and Warrensville Heights High School. Shaker students apply to the program they choose, and if accepted spend part of their day at Shaker in core education and part of their day in the neighboring High School in career education. Learn more about Heights Career Tech.
Review a listing of the Heights Career Tech courses.

College Credit Plus

Ohio's College Credit Plus program allows college-ready students to earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses from Ohio colleges and/or universities at little or no cost to families. This program promotes rigorous academic pursuits and provides a wide variety of options to college-ready students in grades 7-12, including students who may have an interest in pursuing a particular career pathway.

Independent Study/Credit Flexibility

In Independent Study (IS) is a way to study a specific subject and receive a grade or pass/fail credit. Independent Study can be counted as part of a student’s school day or be taken in addition to the regular school schedule.

Students interested in pursuing their idea for an Independent Study course must:

  • Discuss their Independent Study idea with, and receive approval from, the appropriate Department Head.
  • Complete a Flexible Credit application form available from the Independent Study Coordinator, your school counselor, or complete a Credit Flexibility Plan Application.
  • Turn in the completed form, with the appropriate signature, to the Independent Study Coordinator by the appropriate deadline.

Independent Study

  • IS projects for Summer and/or Semester I must be filed with the Independent Study Coordinator by May 1, and fully completed by January 15. Credit recovery planning should be completed as soon as the student becomes aware of the need.
  • IS projects for Semester II must be filed with the Independent Study Coordinator by December 1, and fully completed by May 30.
  • Summer IS projects must be filed with the Independent Study Coordinator by May 1, and fully completed by September 15.

Outside of School – Independent Study (PE)

  • Seniors must complete all Independent Study Physical Education by the end of first semester of their senior year. Seniors who miss this deadline and need PE credit for graduation will be required to take Physical Education classes during second semester.

First Semester
Application Available: Start of  Semester 1
Data Form & Pre-Season Essay Due: 3rd Friday in September
Final Project Due: End of Semester 1

Second Semester
Application Available:  Start of  Semester 2
Data Form & Pre-Season Essay Due: 1st Friday in February 
Final Project Due: End of Semester 2

Summer Semester
Application Available: beginning of May
Data Form & Pre-Season Essay Due: 2nd Friday in May
Final Project Due: Mid-September                                                                                

Independent Study (Athletic)

Fall Season
Application Available: August 1
Data Form & Pre-Season Essay Due: Third Friday in August
Final Project Due: First Friday in November
Winter Season
Application Available: Beginning of November
Data Form & Pre-Season Essay Due: Third Friday in November
Final Project Due: First Friday in March
Spring Season
Application Available: Beginning of March
Data Form & Pres-Season Essay Due: Third Friday in March
Final Project Due: Third Friday in May 
Independent Study (Health)
  • Health, taken through an online course, must be completed prior to the second semester of senior year. Students who have room in their schedules are encouraged to take Health at school. Health cannot be taken Pass/Fail.

Online Courses

Shaker has access to an extensive selection of high-quality courseware approved for credit by the Ohio Department of Education. These courses are open only to students in the Shaker Heights City Schools. The program includes over 250 courses including, but are not limited to, World Languages, Advanced Placement, higher level Math and Science and Electives. Interested students must meet with their school counselor to discuss online course options.

NCAA will not accept many online courses. It is essential to check with your school counselor before enrolling. Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal for a list of SHHS NCAA-accepted high school courses.

Summer School

The student’s counselor must give prior approval for all summer school work. Summer School courses are not limited to a particular number of courses. When a class is retaken in the summer, the original and the summer school grade is figured into the student’s GPA. The summer school grade will appear on the transcript. 

Summer school classes are not always offered at Shaker Heights High School. Counselors can help students locate an endorsed summer school program or an appropriate on-line course. Official summer school grade reports must be mailed by August 15 directly to Records, Shaker Heights High School, 15911 Aldersyde Dr., Shaker Heights, OH 44120.

NCAA will not accept all summer school courses. Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal for a list of SHHS NCAA-accepted high school courses. The Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) does not accept summer school for eligibility.

Tutorial Credit

General Guidelines:

  1. The tutorial program requires a minimum of 20 hours of formal tutoring and a minimum of 40 hours of assigned work for each ½ unit of credit.
  2. Students using tutorials for grade improvement or to earn credit for a course failed must find a certified tutor. The new grade shows up on the transcript and is also averaged into the GPA. Only the new grade is on the transcript that is sent to colleges.
  3. Credit for tutorials may be granted when a course is interrupted because of extenuating circumstances, and then completed through a tutorial arrangement. (The grade is issued through the tutor, averaging in the teacher’s grade.)
  4. Tutorials must be completed within four (4) months of approval.
  5. Complete a Flexible Credit Application.

Exceptional Circumstances

Any work taken for credit at a time and place other than the academic year (includes grades 9-12) at Shaker Heights High School is designated as irregularly earned credit. Any such work must have prior approval from the principal, if it is to be transferred to the Shaker Heights School record. Exceptions for students with special needs must have the approval of the Principal.