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College Entrance Tests

Students need to consult with their school counselor each year during their academic planning about college entrance tests they may be taking during the next school year. Please note that:
  • Shaker Heights High School is a national test center for the PSAT, SAT Reasoning, ACT, Advanced Placement Exams, and IB exams.
  • Fees are charged by the testing agencies for all SAT and ACT tests, except for one state-paid administration of the ACT test in 11th grade. Please consult your school counselor for the testing date – no registration for this test is required. For all other SAT and ACT testing dates, students must pay when they register. Register online at or
  • Fee waivers are available for students who qualify; see your school counselor for details.
  • Students must be aware of the test requirements for individual colleges and testing dates. There are also some test optional, or test free colleges. If there are any questions, contact your school counselor.
  • The Ohio Department of Education is announcing that students with disabilities who take the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities (AASCD), instead of the general Ohio State Tests, are exempt from the requirement that all 11th grade students participate in the ACT/SAT. This does not, however, prohibit a student with a significant cognitive disability from taking the ACT or SAT if the student and/or parent requests to participate in the test. Please contact the student’s Case Manager to discuss this further.


Shaker Heights School District administers the PSAT to all 11th grade students during the National administration of the test, free of charge, with no registration required. Besides being a good practice session for the SAT, the results may qualify 11th grade students for National Merit Scholarship recognition. SAT Reasoning Test and ACT Test.

State-funded ACT Test

The state of Ohio administers the ACT to all 11th grade students one time during second semester, referred to as the "State ACT". This test, administered during the school day, is free to students, and no registration is required.

Advanced Placement Exams

These examinations are taken each May by students taking AP classes. All students in AP classes are required to take the AP exam. Access this link for information about how to register, deadlines, and payment. Students register in the fall for AP exams.

International Baccalaureate Exams

All students enrolled in IB courses must complete both the IB Internal and External Assessments. Exam fees are collected in October for External Assessments, which are completed the following May.