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Emergency Updates

There is currently no emergency situation.

In an emergency, this page will be updated frequently with information about the incident and further instructions will be provided.
Any emergency that requires immediate help from police, firefighters, or medical technicians, call 911.
At the beginning of the school year, ensure your contact information is updated through the PowerSchool portal. This ensures the District has the most up-to-date information to contact you in the case of an emergency. Throughout the year, report any change in your address, phone number or e-mail address to your building's administrative assistant or to the Registration Office. Email Glo Morris or call 295-4321.

Emergency Information for Families

We know emergencies can be stressful. Please know that we are prepared to take care of your child and are dedicated to keeping everyone in our school community safe. Here are a few things we would like you to know in the event of an emergency during your child’s school day:


  • In the event of an emergency, this webpage will become information central and will be updated regularly.
  • Please note, during an active scene and investigation, all communication is made in conjunction with the Shaker Heights Police Department. Information is communicated as it is available.
  • We will continue to communicate with families and the community throughout the emergency event. While updates will be posted to social media and sent via email, text and robocall directly to families, the best source of information will be this web page, which will have the most up-to-date information we can share at any given time.
  • We will communicate with families Districtwide, no matter what building the emergency is impacting. We know you may have children at multiple buildings, some of our buildings are close to one another and may be impacted due to proximity, and others may be impacted due to busing or dismissal delays. We think it is important for all families to know what is happening within the District.

What to Do

  • If you receive a robocall, listen to the entire message. Avoid calling the school if at all possible. Keeping phone lines open for emergency use is extremely important.
  • In the event of an emergency, please do not come to your child’s school building unless instructed to do so. If you are required to pick up your child, you will receive specific instructions of where and when to do so. Keeping the area around the school clear for emergency personnel is very important. We know it is hard to wait, and we appreciate your patience in these situations.
  • Please do not try to call your child’s cell phone during a lockdown situation. Phones ringing or buzzing while in lockdown can be dangerous. 
  • Keep an eye on this webpage for updates, and also watch your phone and email for direct notifications from the District. Rely on official communications from the District or public safety officials for information.
  • Prior to an emergency, you can make sure you are set to receive notifications by following the instructions found on the communications webpage.
  • Ensure your child's emergency contact information is accurate and current with the District.

Terms You Might Hear

The following are terms you might hear during an emergency situation at your child's school and what they mean:

  • Lockdown - This means that there is an identified threat at a building. Hallways are cleared and all students and staff are to lock classroom doors, stay quiet and out of sight within the classroom. Exterior doors to the building are also locked. The students and staff remain in lockdown until the building is deemed safe or evacuation is possible. 
  • Stay Put - This means that there is a non-threatening situation (i.e. a medical emergency) occurring in the building. Hallways are cleared and students and staff are to stay where they are within the building. Classroom doors are locked and no one is to move about the building. Regular instruction continues during a stay-put, and it is lifted once the situation has been cleared.
  • Shelter-in-Place - A shelter-in-place is ordered to protect from an external threat or condition such as severe weather or crime in the community. Everyone is brought inside - no entry or exit is permitted from the building until the all clear is received. Hallways are cleared, doors are locked and, in most cases, learning and teaching continues.
  • Evacuation - If students are evacuated from a building, they will be taken to a safe location until the building is confirmed safe for return or an early release/pick up is coordinated for families. Location details for an evacuation will not be released publicly for safety reasons and will be based on the situation. Families will be notified directly via email, text and automated calls. Evacuations may be necessary in situations where removal of students is possible and safe.

When Will Families be Notified

  • Families will be notified during an emergency situation. This includes lockdowns, natural disasters, evacuations, etc. 
  • Families may not be notified during a nonemergency situation or incidents that do not have a building-wide impact. This may include situations where no immediate threat is perceived to the general student and staff population. For example, this could include some medical emergencies or classroom disruptions. Family notifications in these situations are determined on a case-by-case basis for those students affected.