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About the Innovative Center for Personalized Learning

The Innovative Center for Personalized Learning, also known as The IC, continues to operate as a micro school within a school at Shaker Heights High School. The IC serves students interested in a non-traditional high school experience that gives them more voice and choice over when, where, how and what they learn as they advance towards high school graduation and a college and career path of their choosing. 

Learning at The IC begins with each individual student’s strengths, interests and needs and is facilitated by an outstanding team of SHTA educators: 

  • Integrated Mathematics

  • Integrated Science, Anne Hay

  • Integrated English Language Arts, Sariah Richardson

  • Integrated Social Studies, Linda Roth

  • Intervention Specialist, Tito Vazquez 

The IC is officially designated as a blended-learning model school, which allows IC Students to complete their course work through a mix of online learning and in-person project-based learning facilitated by our IC educators and aligned to student interests, community needs and I.B. approaches to teaching and learning. Each IC Student must spend a minimum of 51% of their school week on campus and may spend up to 49% of their school week off-campus working on their online courses, internships, college credit plus classes, projects, etc. 

All IC Students are encouraged to take courses at SHHS’s main campus as well, including but not limited to world language courses and courses in music, theater and other art forms. 

The IC is guided by our district’s mission, vision, equity policy and strategic plan as well as the values of health and wellness, DEI, personalization, community partnerships and teachers and students as co-designers of meaningful, authentic learning that lasts. 

To learn more about The IC, please email your school counselor or IC Coordinator Isaiah Wyatt at [email protected]
Innovative Center for Personalized Learning @ Shaker Heights High School
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building
Lower Level 
3450 Lee Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.,
Monday through Friday

Isaiah Wyatt, Coordinator
Phone: 216-401-4165

Brooksandra Hemans, Admin. Assistant
Phone: 216-295-6272
[email protected]

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