2020-2021 Clubs and Activities

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           (All Clubs and Activities listed will be meeting virtually unless stated) 

Academic Challenge
Club members prepare to compete together in quiz bowl matches against teams from other schools, answering questions from a variety of topics (e.g. history, arts, sports, pop culture, etc.). This club meets weekly to provide a fun environment that tests your trivia knowledge.
Advisor: Ms. L. White
Advisor Email: white_l@shaker.org
Meetings: Thursdays, 3:30 
How to join: Open

Art Club
Club members meet new people while exploring different art mediums, including mediums perhaps not explored in an art class. Previous group projects have included a Photo Booth backdrop and a banner for Parade the Circle.
Advisor: Ms. C. Stouffer
Advisor Email: stouffer_c@shaker.org
Meetings: Wednesdays, Room 08
How To Join: Open
Athletic Programs
Shaker High offers many interscholastic athletic programs.  Please visit shakerathletics.org, or contact Assistant Athletic Director Mike Babinec (babinec_b@shaker.org) for more information. Each program is meeting in person.

Book Club
Book club is open to all interested students. Books will be provided by the librarians. Participants will be given 4-6 weeks to read the book and then we will meet to discuss. Snacks will be provided. Come eat, discuss and socialize!
Advisors: Ms. R. Sweigert
Advisor Emails: sweigert_r@shaker.org
Meetings:  TBD, Email Mrs. Sweigert with your availability options.
How To Join: Open 
Business, Entrepreneurship, & Investment Club
The club allows for students to engage and explore the world of business and finance. The group meets weekly and engages in many different types of activities throughout the year. During the year, the group takes part in a stock market competition and they track their investments from the beginning of the year to the end.  One of the main components of the beginning of the club is to have simulations in order for students to understand the basic fundamentals of how markets work. In other meetings, students will listen to distinguished professionals in many different realms of the business world. The guest speaker series allows for students to hear some of the interesting topics being discussed around Northeast Ohio. Finally, students participate in pitches to sell an idea or product to someone else. 
Advisor: Mr. B. Bullard
Advisor Email: bullard_b@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

Cheerleaders (Shaker High Cheerleaders)
Cheerleaders support and cheer on Shaker's athletic teams as well as take part in community events. In addition, the cheerleaders compete in their sport and volunteer for community service throughout Cleveland.
Advisors: Ms. K Sherril, Ms. D. Johnson
How To Join: Tryouts are typically in March. There is a 3 day clinic and a tryout. Our tryout dates depend on when the basketball season ends.
Student Fees: They are responsible for shoes, bags, warm-ups, certain apparel, and any additional accessories needed.  These items become student owned.
Meetings: Virtually & In person Monday & Wednesday 

Chess Club 
Chess club offers an opportunity to compete and participate in a mental game that develops focus and concentration. The club also helps create team and group unity. Coach Reeves does a great job bringing out the best in each participant.
Advisors: Mr. A. Watkins, Coach Mike Reeves
Advisor Email: watkins_a@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 
Chinese Culture Club
Chinese Club meets weekly to have fun and learn about the culture of China through games, art, music, and food.  Club members will have the opportunity to discover China's deep history and beauty, thus developing a greater sense of appreciation for the country. Each week is a different cultural activity, from fried rice competitions to learning Chinese pop songs; from chopsticks competition to traditional Chinese calligraphy; from Beijing opera face painting to the Chinese festival celebration, there are many fun ways to learn about Chinese culture.
Advisor: Ms. L. Li
Advisor Email: li_r@shaker.org
Meetings: Will not meet this year. 
How To Join: Open 

Club Royal 
Club ROYAL (Raising Our Youth As Leaders) is a career exploration co-op for black students. We believe in empowering black students to explore their curiosity while using creativity to express their passions and interests. Club ROYAL will be a place for black students to work on everyday skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking to build positive habits and relationships when entering careers of their choice.
Our Goal is to be the standard of black excellence. We want our students to leave high school with a goal, plan, skills and opportunities to turn their passions into careers.
Advisor: Mr. J. Wilson
Advisor Email: wilson_j@shaker.org
Meetings: Wednesdays, biweekly virtually 
How To Join: Open
CODA (Community Outreach of Devoted Artists)
CODA is a chamber music club that facilitates performances for student groups throughout the community. Musicians can join CODA regardless of their instrument type or skill level. Students are allowed to form chamber groups with their friends and then join CODA as a pre-formed group.
Advisor: Ms. D. Jelen
Advisor Email: jelen_d@shaker.org
Meetings: Room TBD
How To Join:  Must join at the beginning of the school year.  Students provide their own instruments.
Creative Writing Club
Creative Writing Club is a place and time for students to creatively express themselves through writing, whether it be poetry, rap, spoken word, short fiction.  The atmosphere is a laid back, coffeehouse-style club where members share their creative works, enhance their writing skills with innovative prompts and games.  All genres and experience levels are welcome.
Advisors: Ms. C. Kovach
Advisor Emails: kovach_c@shaker.org,
Meetings: Fridays, TBD
How To Join: Open

Digital Gaming Club 

Advisor: Mr. J. Szalay
Advisor Email: szalay_k@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How to Join: Open
Discover Me
Girlvana Yoga's mission is to raise the consciousness of teenage girls through yoga, meditation & authentic conversation. Our group is here to support, encourage, and uplift our community here at Shaker from a mind/body wellness approach. We practice yoga, de-stress with fun crafts, and share deep thought provoking conversations that join us together as a community! 
Advisor: Ms. J. Kolaczko
Advisor Email: kolaczko_j@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How to Join: Open

Dungeons & Dragons
Generate your character and join the quest! We go pretty strictly by the book.
Advisor: Ms. B. Gordon
Advisor Email: gordon_b@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD
How to Join: Open
Engineering & Robotics Club
The main purpose of the Engineering Club is to engage students in engineering. Students have opportunities to research, design, build, test, and present engineering projects; complete design challenges; work on the club's Go Kart; compete in STEM competitions such as VEX Robotics, Project Paradigm, and the Source America Design Challenge; develop computer code; and much more. All are welcome and you do not have to be an engineering expert to join!
Advisor: Dr. J. Marencik & Mr. Tuner 
Advisor Email: marencik_j@shaker.org
Meetings: Either Friday or every other Friday virtually 3:20 pm - 4:00 pm 
How to Join: Open

Entrepreneur Club
This organization focuses on Entrepreneurship and supporting students interested in the topic, and provides a financial literacy curriculum that all students need.  Guest speakers are invited to discuss what students need to be thinking about if they want to be entrepreneurs.
Advisor: Ms. A. Harrell
Advisor Email: harrell_a@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD 
How To Join: Open
Environmental Club
Our goal is to spread awareness of environmental concerns and help to make sure our high school is doing all we can to be green. We support locally grown foods by going fruit picking in the fall, we collect waste to be recycled and we help with trash clean ups and invasive species removal throughout the year.  Club members also work to educate elementary school students about the environment.
Advisor: Ms. J. Wiemer
Advisor Email: wiemer_j@shaker.org
Meetings: Tuesday, Join our Google Classroom for the meet link: fv5ea7s

How To Join: Open

Advisor: Mr. J. Szalay
Advisor Email: szalay_k@shaker.org
Meetings: Everyday
How to Join: Open
Fencing Club
The SHHS fencing club offers students the opportunity to learn a new sport, or an opportunity to participate in fencing for those already involved.
Advisor: Mr. W. Wheeler
Advisor Email:  shakerhtsfc@gmail.com
Film Club
The Film Club is an organization focusing on the production of films through all areas of the industry. We learn the basics of screenwriting, filmmaking, and post production through collaborative projects and lessons with peers. We take these skills and apply them through the creation of independent films to be entered in multiple high school film festivals. For more information please refer to the club website.
Advisor: Mr. A. Glasier, Ms. M. Wasserman 
Advisor Email: glasier_a@shaker.org
Club Email: Club Email: shhsfilmavclub@gmail.com
Meetings: Mondays, google classroom, email advisor for classroom code invite.
How To Join: Open
French Exchange Program
French cultural exchange program.  Students host French students every other year, and travel to France during the non-hosting years.
Advisor: Ms. S. Genillier, Ms. E. Willis 
Meeting: TBD
How To Join: Fees required when traveling.  Must be enrolled in French and sign up with your French teacher. 
Garden Club (SEEDS)
SEEDS stands for Service, Environmental Education, Diversity, and Sustainability. Our club does a variety of activities, including working in the school garden and cooking with healthy local foods. We make natural products and crafts such as candles, paper, lip gloss, and more. Students can work on service projects and earn CAS credit.
Advisors: Dr. S. Steggert, Ms. P. Damm
Meetings: Thursday
How To Join: Open

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (SGA)
GSA is an all-inclusive safe space for all LGBT students, teachers and straight allies (everyone!). Club members meet once a week to discuss various topics ranging from sexual orientation to gender identity. The GSA provides all students with a safe, welcoming space in which to build community and plan activities that will help expand that space school-wide.
Advisor: Ms. N. Sekicky
Advisor Email: sekicky_n@shaker.org
Meetings: Thursdays, during conferences virtually 
How To Join: Open
German Club
The German club supports a lively and fun student-run organization with full a schedule of events.  Some of these include taking over the cafeteria to bake pretzels, celebrating German holidays, planting cabbages in the Learning Garden, German karaoke night, German film nights, New Year’s lead melting, FIFA tournaments, and more.
Advisor: Mr. K. Szalay
Advisor Email: szalay_k@shaker.org
Meetings: Room TBD
How To Join: Open to German students
Global Development Club
The 'Global Goals' aim to end all forms of poverty. The 'Goals' call for action by all countries, poor, rich and middle-income to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.  This organization works to assist in achieving these objectives.
Advisor: Mr. J. Konopinski
Meetings: Tuesday after school, event dates will be announces  at a later time.
How To Join: Open 
Global Friendship Club
Global Friendship Club is a social and service club designed to build relationships among AFS students, other international students who reside in Shaker, and Shaker students. The goals are to foster a strong international community, build relationships, and enjoy the global community that is Shaker.
Advisor: Ms. E. Mazzie
Advisor Email: mazzie_e@shaker.org
Meetings: Room TBD
How To Join: Open 

Goslar, German Exchange
Our sister city, Goslar, is a historic village in the Harz Mountains of Central Germany. As participants in this program, the students spend over two weeks in Goslar staying with German host families. There they will attend classes and take field trips to local sights such as the Wolfsburg Volkswagen Autostadt, the 400-meter deep Bergbau Museum, and the imperial residence Kaiserpfalz. Students will also take two extended trips by train, the first to Berlin and the second to Munich. During these trips, they will stay in youth hostels and visit points of cultural interest, including world-class art museums, the remains of the Berlin Wall, and Mad King Ludwig's famous Castle, Neuschwanstein. Participating students earn one semester credit in German independent study.      
Advisors: Ms. A. Bradd, Mr. K. Szalay
Meetings: TBD
How To Participate:  Open to German students.  The estimated cost for the trip is $ 2,600.00 for 28 days abroad.

GOTV Club 
Our mission is to Get Out The Vote in Shaker, in Ohio, in the Nation - by getting informed and connecting with all eligible voters in our circle (including us!).  
Advisors: Ms. B. Gordon
Advisor Emails: gordon_b@shaker.org 
Meetings: Weekly until Election Day
How To Participate:  

"Inspire" is an after school club that provides an environment for students to take a breather, release, and come together with their peers to discuss topics that concern them the most. Some of last year's topics included, how to study, depression during the holidays, anxiety, relationships, parents re-entering their lives, racism, school, bullying, and moments of self-reflection to mention a few.  
The group is called "Inspire" is for several reasons, one, in particular, is due to a rule that must be adhered to; is that any feedback from anyone must be inspirational when addressing a concern to from their peers. Second, the name "Inspire" sends a message that there is hope for almost any situation. Last but not least this after school group has lived up to its name because these peer discussions have inspired many who attend. It is a safe space where students have a voice, can be heard and inspired by others. Condemnation is not tolerated.
Advisor: Ms. A. Wright
Advisor Email: wright_a@shaker.org 
Meetings: Thursday (pending)
How To Join:  Open

Improv Club
Club members meet each week to play improv games and rehearse for shows throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to this club, whether you’re trying to make friends or perform for an audience.  We practice and perform short and long from improvisational games. Students develop teamwork, character development, miming and comedic timing
Advisor: Mr. C. Cotton
Advisor Email: white_l@shaker.org
How To Join:  Open

Israeli Culture Club
Club members explore, discuss, and taste the cultures of Israel. Students also have the opportunity to speak with Israelis to better connect with their culture.
Advisor: Mr. B. Berger
Advisor Email: berger_b@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open
Jazz Band
Jazz Band is open to all band students. No audition is required. Jazz band learns and performs music in a variety of jazz styles. Approximately 2-3 required performances per year.
Advisor: Mr. D. Crain
Advisor Email: crain_d@shaker.org
Meetings: Not meeting this year 
How To Join: Must be enrolled in a band course at SHHS, restricted to Jazz instruments
Jazz Combo
Jazz Ensemble is an Honors class which supplements the band program and performs advanced jazz literature.
Advisor: Mr. B. Hughes
Advisor Email: hughes_b@shaker.org
Meetings: Not meeting this year
How To Join: Must be a member of the Band Program, except for Rhythm Instruments. Auditions may be required.

Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble is an Honors class which supplements the band program and performs advanced jazz literature. 
Advisor: Mr. B. Hughes
Advisor Email: hughes_b@shaker.org
Meetings: Not meeting this year
How To Join: Must be a member of the Band Program, except for Rhythm Instruments. Auditions may be required.
Junior Statesmen Of America
Junior Statesmen of America is the nation's largest student-run, non-partisan organization promoting both civic education and activism initiatives. JSA's mission is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society. 
Advisor: Ms. Y. Hortsman
Advisor Email: horstman_y@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

Latin Club
All things Classical! Fellowship, food, fun, service opportunities, games, Ohio Junior Classical League activities connecting Latin students across the state in academic, graphic arts, creative and dramatic arts, certamen and service. We also participate in the annual National Junior Classical League convention as well as triennial international trips. Come as often as you can but stay classy!
Advisor: Ms. N. Murphy
Advisor Email: murphy_n@shaker.org
How To Join: Open to Latin and Greek students

Lettuce Club
Do you like eating lettuce? Have you been salivating to go and support lettuce culture? Then come on and join lettuce club!!Lettuce eat! Lettuce feast! Lettuce club!
Advisor: Mr. A. Jagger
Advisor Email: jaggers_a@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

Life Drawing Club

Advisor: Ms. M. Haring
Advisor Email: haring_m@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

MAC Scholars
A group of minority men devoted to promoting excellence in both academic and extracurricular achievements.  Junior and Senior African American males are interviewed and selected to become mentors to 9th and 10th grade African American males. The goal is to encourage school achievement for the younger students and to provide a leadership opportunity for Juniors and Seniors who are high achieving. Meetings are planned and implemented by the Junior and Senior Scholars.
Advisors: Mr. N. Reese, Mr. H. McIntrye
Website: Click Here
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Scholars interview in March; all 9th and 10th grade African American males with 2.0 or above are included in meetings

MAC Sister Scholars
The Minority Achievement Committee (MAC) Sister Scholars program is designed to encourage young women to reach their full potential as students and young women in the high school community and beyond. We seek to create a sisterhood of goal-orientated students who can support each other and be role models to other girls. Our monthly meeting topics vary but annually include: Preparing for Finals, Post-Secondary Planning, Talking to Your Teachers, and many other personal-interest topics that are relevant to the girls.
Advisors: Ms. T. Williams,Ms. J. Warren
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: By Invitation Only

Mano en Mano
The club develops an interactive relationship between the Shaker educational community and the Hispanic community in Cleveland. It strives to foster, encourage and recognize the efforts of senior students whose leadership is essential in developing and maintaining this cross-cultural experience.
Advisors: Ms. K. Ponce De Leon, Mr. B. Berger
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 

Math Club
Math Club is a place where students can discuss interesting math problems with other students who share a passion for mathematics. Members of math club also have the opportunity of participating in multiple math contests over the course of the year. Any student is welcome, regardless of their math experience or class level.
Advisor: Ms. A. Goldstein
Advisor Email: goldstein_a@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

Mock Trial Club
Club members compete against other schools, imitating lawyers in a court case. No knowledge of the law is required and anyone is welcome.
Advisors: Mr. P. Kelly 
Advisor Emails: kelly_p@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open to all students
Modern Dance Club
Shaker Heights High School Modern Dance Club is committed to the following:
1)Allowing both recreational dancers and aspiring professionals an opportunity to learn dance technique and choreography, and become physically fit and active through dance/movement. 2) Presenting opportunities to learn coping skills, establish a strong work ethic, and experience sense of accomplishment when preparing for and participating in showcases and community events. 3) Cultivating mentoring and social relationships with staff and other students who share their interests. 4) Offering dance as a tool students can use to discover who they are, and in turn, communicate that self-discovery to those around them via performance art.
Advisor: Ms. S. Freeman-Sellers
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open, but typically must join by a certain date.
Musician's Club
The objective of Musicians Club is to provide the musicians for Shaker Heights High School a place to share their music and receive feedback from peers.  All perspectives and interpretations are welcome.  At the end of the year, the club holds a recital for all members interested in participating.
Advisor: Ms. D. Jelen
Advisor Email: jelen_d@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 
National History Day Club ( NHD)
The NHD club is designed for sophomores, juniors and seniors who are planning to compete at the regional level and beyond in the National History Day Club. We meet to work on projects, collect forms, and prepare for interviews.
Advisors: Ms. S. Davis, Mr. J. Konopinski
Meetings: Fridays, 3:20-4:00 pm starting 9/11-end of school. Click the link to: meet.google.com/xhe-bhoa-efb 
How To Join: Open
New York Times 2020 Teen Creators Contest 
The New York Times Learning Network is sponsoring a multimedia contest called "Coming of Age in 2020" (read about it at Here. Anything you can submit digitally - a video, a recording, a photo, a poem, etc., etc., etc. - is eligible. How have the events of "this extraordinary year," in the words of the contest announcement, affected you? Together we will come up with ideas, refine them, help each other write our artists' statements, and then hit "submit" on November 12th!
Advisors: Ms. B. Gordon
Advisor Emails: gordon_b@shaker.org
Meetings: Fridays 3:15 - 4 pm on a drop-in basis. Click the link to: https://meet.google.com/lookup/fhlh7lfduu
How To Join: Open, November 12 is the day when all creative submissions are due to the NY Times website.

Outdoor Adventure Club
The Club that embraces (and participates in) outdoor activities from camping, to hiking, climbing, canoeing etc. for fun and exercise.
Advisor: Ms. R. Wadsworth
Advisor Email: wadsworth_r@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open

PA Announcers 
Improve your speaking ability and become a meaningful part of the school day! Students in PA Announcers make announcements submitted by the high school, clubs, activities, sports, and much more!
Advisor: Mrs. M. Morrical
Advisor Email: morrical_m@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Tryouts are first or second week of school in September
Pen Ohio
Pen Ohio is a competitive, tournament-based creative writing team that is a high school extension of Power of the Pen.
Advisors: Ms. E. Pfeiffer, and Ms. S. Lambert
Advisor Email: pfeiffer_e@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: There is a tryout period to place members on the JV or Varsity team.

Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble is open to percussionists in band who want a purely percussive musical experience. In January, February, and March, we learn and perfect pieces to perform on our annual concert, the Evening of Percussion.
Advisor: Mr. L. Rinderknecht
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: You must be enrolled in band. Open to all percussionists currently enrolled in band. Required for Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band percussionists, optional for all Concert Band percussionists.  

PERIOD Shaker Heights

In the summer of 2020, five Shaker students came together to create a chapter of PERIOD: the menstrual movement in Shaker. Operating as a high school club and community organization, PERIOD Shaker Heights has raised funds to provide community members with menstrual products. Here is the Google Form to request menstrual products! No information will be shared and products will be delivered no questions asked!  -PERIOD Shaker Heights

Advisor: Ms. Owens
Advisor Email: owens_k@shaker.org
Meetings: Every other Thursday over Zoom
How To Join: Either direct message @periodshakerheights on Instagram, email opeebles@stu.shaker.org, or join our GroupMe at https://groupme.com/join_group/63253420/BCcFlbgU

Poetry Out Loud Competition 
Poetry Out Loud encourages students to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life.
Advisor: Mr. C. Kelly
Advisor Email: kelly_c@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Meetings begin in the fall and the competition takes place in January.  There will be a fall orientation meeting.

Political Action Club
Political Action Club is a safe space for those interested in politics, regardless of your political views.  The club discusses ideas and finds ways to constructively discuss political differences while volunteering at several political organizations around the community to expose students to a myriad of perspectives.  PAC is a great place to develop a sense of bi-partisanship among peers during a period of extreme division in our nation.   
Advisor: Mr. P. Kelly
Advisor Email: kelly_p@shaker.org 
Meetings: Wednesdays
How To Join: Open 
Project Support
This is a social club designed for students from all walks of life to make friends and participate together in social activities. Students who are in the club get to interact with other students that they may not see in their classes during the school day. Club members form relationships with Shaker’s special education students while participating in fun activities such as picnics, scavenger hunts, and tie-dye parties.
Advisors: Ms. K. Miller, Ms. K. Bryant
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open
The Raiderettes are the dance team associated with the marching band. They are considered part of the band. Raiderettes perform at all of the football games, they have a featured dance as well as perform alongside the band in The opening and closing numbers. It is a highly selective group and it is an honor to be invited to be a Raiderette!
Advisor: Ms. A. Sheaff, Mr. J. Clemens
Advisor Email: clemens_j@shaker.org 
Meetings: Only meet before school events
How To Join: Tryout process. There are two days of clinics to prepare students for the audition. They learn a dance, the fight song with pom poms, and a flag routine. The audition typically happens in April or May for the following school year.
Rock Climbing Club 
The purpose of the rock climbing club is to introduce new people to rock climbing and giving those who already climb a group to climb with. After School Rock Climbing Club aims to bring students together for serious fun.  Each nine-week session starts with a belay class.  The second week teaches bouldering risks & tips.  Each week highlights gym etiquette and the essentials of risk management so students can top-rope together and boulder with confidence.  Rental gear is included.
 *For students who receive free or reduced-price lunches, please see Ms. Roberts. Climbing is for everyone and we have scholarships available!  EVERY STUDENT MUST HAVE A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN SIGN A WAIVER TO PARTICIPATE. Waiver will be distributed to students by advisor.
Advisor: Ms. E. Roberts
Advisor Email: roberts_e@shaker.org
Meetings: Shaker Rocks Climbing Gym; Wednesdays   Session 1: October 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11, 18, December 2, 9, 16 Sessions will be offered in 2021 as well!  TIME: 8:00-10:00pm
How To Join: Open 

Rugby Football Club (Men's) 
Shaker Heights HS RFC is one of 10 rugby clubs that play 15 a-side rugby in the North East Ohio Rugby League. Depending on our record we could qualify for the post-season state tournament. There are also two short 7 a-side seasons in the late fall and early summer depending on student interest. It is our hope that the interest in rugby continues to grow at Shaker Heights HS as more high schools join the league and more opportunities for college funding and scholarships arise.
Advisor/Coach: Mr. G. Gainford
Advisor/Coach Email: gainford_g@shaker.org
Meetings:  TBD
How To Join: Practices begin in late October through early June.  You must be registered before spring break for the season.  Athletes must provide their own cleats and mouthguard.
Rubiks and Puzzle Cube Club 
The club will have a tournament twice a year here at Shaker Heights. It is open to people outside the school as well and draws in a community that ranges in age from about eight years old to the early twenties. Participants learn tips and tricks from one another concerning the methods of solving the cube and build relationships with their fellow peers.
Advisor: Mr. M. Kabay
Advisor Email: kabay_m@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 

Shaker's Sankofa show takes place at the end of black history month, showcasing the talents of students through dance, song, spoken word, and drama. Sankofa celebrates African American history while raising awareness of social issues in the black community.  The performances for this school year are March 2nd and 3rd, 2018.
Advisor: Mr. K. Holliday
Advisor Email: holliday_k@shaker.org
Meetings: Staring Mid-September Tuesday & Thursday  ( google classroom)
How to join: Tryouts in October
SAY Student Leadership Council 
The SAY Club is for students who are interested in making a difference at school and in their community. Students will gain leadership skills by working on projects, presentations, and campaigns that raise awareness on teen related issues. Students will also be invited to the SAY Student Leadership Council at Bellefaire JCB where they will join other high school students from the Cleveland area to share information and work together regarding the positive impact teens can have to promote change.
Advisor: Ms. N. Schaumburg
Meetings: Mondays afterschool
How To Join: Open

Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad is a student run club that competes in regional and state sanctioned competitions.   Students can choose from several events in which to compete in areas that range across all scientific disciplines.  Students are expected to attend meetings to learn the rules of their events, practice and refine their event skills, and attend all competitions for which the team registers.
Advisors: Mr. J. Schmidt, Mr. T. Cox, Mr. J. Walker
Meetings: TBD, new elected officers
How To Join: Open, but must sign up by the end of October, $10 fee

Semanteme Literary Magazine "SEAM" 
Semanteme is the high school's creative arts magazine. Students are considered "staff" and partake in some of the following activities: plan contests and coffee houses, advertise for submissions, judge art and literature submissions, and plan layout of publication.  During the weeks of production, attendance is required and students must stay each night as late as necessary, no later than 7:00 pm.  Passing out of the new edition of Semanteme is a source of pride and celebration for the staff.  Commitment to remain in the club through production weeks is required.
Advisors: Ms. C. Kovach, Mr. C. Kelly
Meetings: TBD
How to join: Open
Sexual Misconduct Prevention Club
Let's go beyond #MeToo, #TimesUp and #EnoughIsEnough, and REALLY change the climate at SHHS so that sexual misconduct of all kinds becomes a rare occurrence. Work together with KnowAbuse, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center's "Youth 360" program, and the Sexual Misconduct Prevention Committee - helping to raise awareness, have input on  curriculum, and provide peer education and leadership. The best prevention is when students stand up for each other and are supported by adults they trust. Your participation can count toward service hours and/or IB projects like the MYP Personal Project. This club is always open to new recruits.
Advisors: Ms. B. Gordon
Advisor Emails: gordon_b@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD 
How to join: Open
SGORR (Student Group on Race Relations)
Shaker Heights High School’s Student Group on Race Relations (SGORR) was founded in 1983 by a group of students who saw that friendships forged between black and white students in elementary school began to dissolve as students entered the seventh and eighth grade. In order to try to preserve black-white friendships throughout middle school and high school, SGORR students created and facilitated a personal development and diversity education curriculum for sixth-grade students. Today, with over 250 high school students trained as facilitators each year, the organization has expanded its influence from just sixth-grade classrooms to reach more diverse audiences. Through student-led community forums on issues such as racial achievement gaps, injustices in the criminal justice system, and privilege, SGORR seeks to initiate and sustain dialogues about human relations and social justice, while giving any student, faculty, or community member a platform to be heard. In addition, SGORR members help to equip younger students from Shaker Heights’ fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades with the vocabulary and tools to address and discuss racial or other social issues that they perceive in their schools or society. SGORR students also travel to other school districts and venues to facilitate activities that educate about diversity and promote inclusive environments.
Advisors: Ms.T. Sargaent
Advisor Email: sargeant_g@shaker.org
Website: Click Here 
Meetings: Depends on SGORR Group/ No Freshman tryouts first semester/ group leader will reach out to members to determine a time.
How to join: Two fall tryouts. First for ninth graders and new students. Second for tenth and eleventh graders who have tried out before or who never tried out. Tryout consists of an application and a small group discussion. Tryout process and small group discussions are led and facilitated by student leaders.

Shaker Heights High School Crew (Men's and Women's) 
In the Fall we row as a club to teach new students the basics of rowing and compete in three or four races. In the Spring we row as a varsity sport. 
Advisor/Coach: Mr. K. Dohlen 
Advisor/Coach Email: kdohlen@gmail.com 
Meetings: TBD 
How To Join:  Open in the fall as a club sport, invitation only in the spring as varsity.  Please contact Coach Valerian for more information!
Shaker Model UN 
Club members come up with solutions to world problems and problems in a country they are assigned. We travel twice a year to compete against other high schools in diplomatic debate to teach students how to compromise on global issues like terrorism, nuclear disarmament, and the environment. 
Advisors: Ms. V. Berndt
Advisor Emails: berndt_v@shaker.org
Meetings: Thursday from 3-3:30pm via zoom. More information can be found on the google classroom. Code: bwx5rry
How To Join: Open 
Shaker My Com Youth Council
Youth Council is a community-based youth organization that offers a variety of community service and positive development activities and events throughout the calendar year. The Youth Council is a component of the Shaker My Com Youth Initiative which has been in existence for nine consecutive years, it provides an opportunity for youth to have a "voice" in their community. 
Advisor: Ms. S. Bell
Advisor Email: sbell5449@yahoo.com
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Applicants sign up at annual club and activity fair / ice cream social, or are referred by current members 

Shaker Political Activism Club ( PAC)
The SHHS Political Activism Club (PAC)  provides opportunities to both to learn about how political decisions are made (in Shaker, Cuyahoga County, and the great state of Ohio), and use this knowledge to support Democratic views at the high school and in the community.
Advisor: Ms. B. Gordon
Advisor Email: gordon_b@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 
Shaker Squash Club
The shaker squash club is a fun learning and playing the game of squash. Participants meet once a wek to improve technical skills, game strategy, get in a good physical work out and meet new people.
Advisor: Ms. J. White, Ms. M. DeJuan
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open
Ski Club
The SHHS Ski Club is for students of all abilities to ski/snowboard, and our primary goal is to have fun. We go to Boston Mills/Brandywine every week for five weeks beginning in second semester.  
Advisor: N/A
Advisor Email: -
Meetings: Club is Inactive
How to join: N/A
Sports Analytics Club
Sports Analytics Club offers the opportunity for students to collaborate on projects about various sports topics using statistical methodology to arrive at a solution. We also host guest speakers and have general sports discussions. All grade levels are welcome.  
Advisor: Mr. R. Durban
Advisor Email: durban_r@shaker.org 
Meetings: Code: Chowopu Meeting date: Tuesdays after school
How to join: Open

Stage Crew 
Shaker Heights HS Stage Crew serves as a student based support group for the HS Theater Department under the supervision of the HS Auditorium Manager/Technical Director. Meetings or work calls are generally held on Saturdays in the Fall to work on the Fall Play by learning about technical theater techniques and tools, building and painting scenery, working on prop construction, hanging and focusing stage lights, and other related jobs. Members of Stage Crew who regularly attend work calls and show dedication and commitment to the process are invited to work on the Production Running Crews for the HS Theater season serving in various positions like Light Board and Sound Board Operator, Props Crew and Shift Crew on productions like the Fall Play, the New Stages one act festival, the Spring Play and the Ensemble show among others. Stage Crew is open to any Shaker student who has an interest in learning about what goes on behind the scenes of a Shaker theatrical production!
Advisor: Mr. C. Tisdale
Advisor Email: tisdale_c@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open
(STEM) Ambassadors
STEM Ambassadors is a student-led group that focuses on creating more equity within STEM in the Shaker Heights School District. We find creative solutions to connect with elementary and Woodbury students in order to make STEM more accessible.
Advisor: Ms. J. Perry
Advisor Email: perry_j@shaker.org
Meetings: Classroom code: 3vxhmuo
How To Join: Open

Student Council 
Student Council is a group of student leaders who provide a structured voice for Shaker High students.  The group fundraises for and organize school functions, as well as promotes school spirit.  Students are each elected by their class for a position on Council.  
Class of 2021: Advisor: Mrs. J. Warren - warren_j@shaker.org
Class of 2023: Advisor: Mrs. L. Brem - brem_l@shaker.org
Class of 2024: Advisor: Ms. B. Berger - berger_b@shaker.org
Class of 2022: Advisor: Mrs. M. Dora - dora_m@shaker.org
Full Council Advisor Email: warren_j@shaker.org
How to join: Elections for all grades are being held virtually.  Students can contact Mrs. Warren for a packet to run for office.

Student Leadership Team (SLT) 
Student Leadership Team is a group of students from diverse backgrounds and grade levels, who bridge the gap between the student body and the principal, involving issues that affect our high school community.  The club usually meets bi-weekly with each other, or different individuals in the administration, to discuss a variety of topics and plan action steps after them.  
Advisor: Mr. E Juli
Advisor Email: juli_e@shaker.org 
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Application Process

Superintendent Student Advisory Council 
The Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee (SSAC) was formed to hear students’ perspectives on their Shaker Heights Schools experience and suggest improvements. The SSAC advocates for students in the District, provides the Superintendent with student perspectives on District issues and assists in the development of solutions to District challenges.  All High School students are eligible to apply and members are selected by a peer interview process. The application and interview process occurs each fall.
Service on the SSAC is an important commitment and honor. Members are expected to attend the council’s monthly meeting and participate in the council’s projects and activities
Advisor: Dr. D. Glasner
Meetings: Successful candidates will be required to attend the SSAC’s next meeting with me on Tuesday, October 20 from 3:30-4:30 p.m.
How To Join: Any Shaker Heights High School student is eligible to apply. If you wish to interview you MUST complete a brief application by Thursday, October 1, at 5 p.m. You can access the application here. Interviews for new members on Thursday, October 8, 2020.

Table Top Gaming Club
Club members can come to play games and enjoy themselves after school. Have a game you want to share? Bring it in and we'll try it! We welcome all card games and board games, and always have people interested in general discussion about all things table top gaming.
Advisor: Mr. B. Turner
Advisor Email: turner_b@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 

Takatori, Japanese Exchange
The Takitori Exchange is a program associated with the Asian Studies course taught on Wednesday evenings at the high school. Shaker Heights High School and Takitori Kokusai High School in Japan have maintained a relationship for nearly 30 years. Students at Shaker and Takitori are given the opportunity to travel to Japan and the United States to fully immerse themselves in the culture through a homestay.
Advisors: Mr. A. Glasier, Ms. M. Miles
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open (Asian studies recommended). The exchange does not happen every year and requires fees to travel.

Take Action Tutoring Club
In Take Action, high school students go to various elementary schools once a week and tutor children at the request of elementary teachers and principals. Over the course of the year, high school students build relationships with their elementary school counterparts. They help them with reading, math, and any other subject as is helpful.
Advisors: Mr. C. Cotton
Advisor Emails: cotton_c@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD ( possibly not meeting this year)
How To Join: Open
The Shakerite News Organization
The Shakerite is the nationally-regarded student news organization of Shaker Heights High School and by Board of Education policy, is an open forum for student expression.   
Advisor: Ms. Sekicky
Advisor Email: sekicky_n@shaker.org
Meetings: Students meet at mutually determined times after school during the conference period.
How to join: Enroll in the journalism course or by application.  Editors are chosen from the ranks of Journalism I and II. Photo and art editors often come to us from outside the Journalism classes, by signing up at activity fair, or from photo and art classes.

Shaker Theatre hosts several different co-curricular activities in addition to its daily class offerings. Co-curricular activities include Theatre Social, Ensemble Preview, Fall Play, Fall Musical, Solstice Sharings, 9th Grade Show, New Stages, Spring Ensemble Show, Theatre Awards, Improv (listed above), Stage Crew (listed above), Shakespeare Competition and more.
Advisor: Mr. S. Sumerak
Advisor Email: sumerak_s@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
Thespian Troupe #815 ( Invitation only)
Theatre honorary. Students earn points by participating in Theatre Arts Department programs. Students will plan a trip to the state theatre festival, as well as co-sponsor social events.
Advisor: Mr. S. Sumerak
Advisor Email: sumerak_s@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Invitation Only

Weightlifting Club
A place for students to focus on their personal fitness, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting.  The club holds mock competitions and attends local meets.
Advisor: Mr. M. Hoskins
Advisor Email: hoskins_m@shaker.org , 216-469-0199
Meetings: TBD, Weight Room 
Women's Studies Club 
Women's Studies Club is a discussion based club that centers around units pertaining to Women's Studies. For example, intersectionality and feminism around the globe are two units. At times we have guest speakers and we plan fun activities; we also have snacks at each meeting. It is a good place for students to make their voices heard and get to know their peers, as they explore various women's issues as they affect the world at large and individuals themselves.
Advisor: Mr. J. Kolaczko
Advisor Email: kolaczko_j@shaker.org
Meetings: Fridays
How To Join: Open
World Language Tables
Are you interested in an opportunity to speak a foreign language in a different setting during your lunch period?  No homework? No tests?  We coordinate with classroom world language teachers to cover the vocabulary used in class and bring up various subjects in discussion.
Advisor: Ms. M. Neil
Advisor Email: neil_m@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: Open 

Worthing England Hunger/ Interact
The first three days of our tour will be spent in London to explore locations such as The Tower of London, the London Eye, Churchill’s War Rooms, the Globe Theater (including attending a performance of a Shakespeare play), the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and a journey through London at night. Then we spend nine days in homestays with Worthing host families in the West Sussex County of southeastern England. An hour and a half from London, Worthing and its sister city of Brighton are considered the Riviera of England. From our first walking tour of Worthing, we will explore Arundel Castle (circa 1067) and the “pomp and circumstance” of Brighton Pavilion. Touring other parts of Southeastern England, we travel to Portsmouth to see the British Naval Museum, including Henry VIII’s prize ship The Mary Rose. Our travels also take us to locations such as Windsor Castle (the favorite summer home of the current royal family), Canterbury, the Roman ruins of the community of Chichester, Stonehenge, and even Harry Potter Studios! 
Advisor: Dr. J. Morris
Advisor Email: morris_j@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD
How To Join: $2500 for price of 12 day trip to London and Worthing, England

Youth Ending Hunger / Interact Club
YEH club members help feed the less fortunate by making regular trips to soup kitchens and the Hospice of the Western Reserve.  We are a volunteer club that helps make the world a better place!
Advisors: Mr. W. Scanlon, Ms. Y. Horstman
Advisor Email: scanlon_w@shaker.org
Meetings: TBD, Classroom code: 2thvxkh
How To Join: Open


Joia Warren 
Senior Lounge Monitor & Activities
Club Supervisor


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