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Welcome to Shaker Heights Schools!

Shaker Heights Schools offers an online enrollment process for the 2021-22 academic year. Parents and guardians may submit all required forms electronically by computer or mobile phone. 

Online Registration Information

Please follow the Enrollment Checklist below. Click on each menu item to expand for more information.


Parents and/or legal guardians must reside within the Shaker Heights City School District for their children to attend the Shaker schools.

Consult the school district map to make sure your home is within the District. The school attendance laws of the State of Ohio are strictly enforced. If you are unsure whether your child is eligible to attend the Shaker schools, please call the Registration Office at (216) 295-4324 or send an e-mail to Shannise Jackson-Ndyaie.

Enroll Online

Visit and follow these steps to complete the online enrollment application:
  1. Click "New Student Registration."
  2. Click "Start."
  3. Check "I am ready to begin" then click "Save" and "Next."
  4. Create a Username and Password and complete the questions.
  5. Upload all necessary documents from your computer or enter a smartphone number to receive a text message with instructions on how to upload documents via your phone. 
  6. Sign with your virtual signature.
  7. Schedule an online appointment. A member of the Registration Office will call you at the scheduled appointment time to complete the enrollment process. Remember to upload all necessary documents and make sure you are available to complete your application over the phone.

Your Appointment by Phone

Please be ready for your phone call to begin at its scheduled time. Please note:
  • All submitted, required documentation and completed forms will be reviewed.
  • New families will be provided with important information and resources regarding Shaker Heights Schools.

Required Documents

To register your child, along with proofs of residency, please provide following documents:
  • A certified copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • Complete immunization record
  • For Preschool Program Enrollees ONLY: In place of the Immunization Record, incoming preschoolers must have the Preschooler Physician Report completed by the child’s pediatrician. That form can be found HERE.   
  • Three items as proof of your residence within the Shaker Heights City School District (see below)
  • Withdrawal forms from previous school, if applicable
  • Divorce, custody or guardianship documents, if applicable
  • Parent or guardian's photo ID  
  • Current special education records: must have IEP, MFE, or 504 plan, if applicable
  • International students: an official, translated and notarized transcript is also required

Proof of Residence

The Residency and Custody Affidavit plus three items from the list below must be provided as proof of the parent/guardian's residence upon the enrollment of any child into the School District. Listed below are documents that can be used for this purpose.

One item must be:
  • A Certificate of Occupancy for any two-family or single-home rental, and/or
  • A current signed lease, mortgage verification, or signed purchase agreement
Two additional proofs of residence may include:
  • A current utility bill showing the name and address of the parent/guardian
  • Income or employment verification
  • Tax correspondence
  • Home, rental, health or car insurance
  • Verification from a bank or other financial institution
If you move to a new address at any time during your child’s enrollment in the District, it is your responsibility to inform school officials of your new address and bring proof of residency to the Registration Office.

Kindergarten Eligibility

Ohio law requires that all children complete a formal kindergarten program. Children who are five years old on or before September 30 are eligible to attend kindergarten.

Essential Information

Upon completing the registration process, review this essential information for new families

Enrollment Policies

The following policies guide the Shaker Heights City School District's enrollment practices. Please click each link to read the policy.

Tuition Rates
For those students who qualify per policy JECB, Admission of Nonresident Students or are found to be fraudulently attending Shaker Schools in violation of policy JED, School Admission, tuition rates are listed below:

2021-2022 School Year Tuition
  • In-State Residents: $16,607.25 annually, $92.26 daily

  • Out-of-State Residents & International Students on an Approved Visa*: $20,102.85 annually, $111.68 daily
*International visa application fees are additional.

Online Withdrawal Information

Parents/Guardians may withdraw students online. Before you begin, you must have your student ID number and the 8-digit date of birth for the youngest registered student in your household. You can find your student's ID number in Abre or ProgressBook. Review these instructions for online withdrawal. Click here to withdraw your student.


Shannise Jackson-Ndaiye, Registrar
Glorina Morris, Administrative Assistant
15600 Parkland Drive
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
(216) 295-4321 voice
(216) 295-4340 fax

Office Hours:
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday
Please call or e-mail to make your registration appointment.

More Parent Resources

Get all the day-to-day information you'll need for your student on our Parent Resources page. 
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