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Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Today’s kindergarten students in Shaker Heights Schools are engaged in a full-day rigorous instructional program as well as the International Baccalaureate Programme.

Early entrance to kindergarten is designed for the accelerated child who is both academically ready and developmentally mature when compared to others of the same chronological age. Children who enter kindergarten early have advanced ability and also achieve easily when presented with new material.

The path to early entrance to kindergarten is a multi-step process that includes input from parents/guardians and educators. Please note: the early entrance process occurs once a year, beginning in early April and ending in early June (click here to learn specific dates for this academic year).

Parents/guardian who wish to pursue this option must:

Following the completion of the referral form, the appropriate building principal will contact you to discuss your referral and how our schools can meet the needs of your child. Should you wish to continue with the process, the principal will assemble an acceleration team, which includes the parent/guardian, the principal, a school psychologist and a teacher. As your chid is not in school yet, you may be asked to provide informed consent for additional assessments to be completed or for staff to speak with your child's preschool or daycare. Before a decision is made about early entrance to kindergarten, the team will complete The Iowa Acceleration Scale. The acceleration team will review the results of the Iowa Acceleration Scale and other data. Finally, the team will reach a decision about early entrance to kindergarten.

If early entrance to kindergarten is approved, a Written Acceleration Plan for the child will be written.

If early entrance to kindergarten is not approved, parents/Guardians have an opportunity to appeal the decision. Appeals must be made in writing to the building principal within 30 days of notification of the decision.


Early Entrance to Kindergarten