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Early High School Graduation

High School students have the opportunity to complete high school in fewer than four years.

The path to early graduation is a multi-step process that includes input from parents/guardians and educators.

Parents/guardian who wish to pursue this option must first complete an Acceleration Referral Form. Following the completion of the referral form, the high school principal/designee will contact you to discuss your referral and how the high school can meet the needs of your student. 

Students planning to graduate after six semesters of high school must:

  • Have a plan confirmed two semesters prior to the completion date.

  • Schedule a conference with both their parent/guardian and school counselor.

  • Have written parent approval submitted to the school counselor.

Students planning to graduate after only seven semesters of high school must:

  • Have written parent approval by the spring of the 11th grade.

  • Have a plan started and tentatively approved by the second Monday in May.


Dr. John Moore
Director of Curriculum & Instruction