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The safety of students and staff members is a top priority for the Shaker Heights schools. Your Student Handbook contains detailed information about maintaining a safe and secure learning environment. The School District works closely with the Shaker Heights Police Department and Fire Department to prevent safety problems and to address them immediately when they do occur.

Learn more about the School Safety and Security Office

Here are some general guidelines and links to more detailed safety procedures:

  • Exterior doors are locked when classes begin. During the school day parents and guests may enter through designated doors. All visitors entering our schools during school hours, including parents and volunteers, must check in at the main office or at the security desk. All visitors are required to wear a visitor's badge while in the building and should sign out upon departure.
  • Our best defense against intruders is vigilance. Adults and students who see any suspicious person, observe behavior that causes concern, or hear of any threat should notify an administrator right away.
  • Weapons and look-alike weapons (including scout knives and toys) are strictly forbidden at school, at school events, and on buses. Possession of a weapon or look-alike will resut in expulsion and possibly criminal prosecution.
  • All schools are required by state law to hold periodic fire drills, tornado drills, and, as of 2006, lockdown drills. It is essential that students and adults listen carefully to instructions and adhere to procedures.
  • Students must follow proper safety procedures in laboratories and on playgrounds.
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