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The Department of Learning & Teaching is responsible for supporting the creation, refinement and implementation of  the District’s PreK-12 curriculum, and helps to oversee teaching and learning across all Shaker schools. As an International Baccalaureate continuum district, the Shaker Heights Schools curriculum is designed to nurture, educate, and graduate civic-minded students who are creative thinkers and skillful problem solvers and who are actively engaged in our global and multicultural society. The Shaker curriculum is aligned to Ohio state learning standards and supports student academic, social and emotional skill development.

The Learning & Teaching Department is comprised of the following District administrators and instructional leaders:

  • Elizabeth Kimmel, Director of Exceptional Children
  • Felecia Evans, Director of School Leadership
  • Dr. John Moore, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Lauren Priestley, Curriculum & Instruction Technology Specialist

Learn more about these Learning & Teaching programs, resources and initiatives:


Director of School Leadership
Felecia Evans
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. John Moore
Senior Administrative Assistant
Lisa Gibson
[email protected]

Senior Administrative Assistant
Cathy Mitro
[email protected]
Director of Exceptional Children
Elizabeth Kimmel
Senior Administrative Assistant, Exceptional Children
Linda Williams

Curriculum & Instruction Technology Specialist
Lauren Priestley
[email protected]
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