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Welcome to the Safety and Security Department website. We have designed our website for you, and hope you will find the information you need about our work to maintain a safe and secure campus and workplace. Should you have any questions, please contact our office.

If at any time you have an emergency, please call 911 or 491-1234 (Shaker Heights Police Department)

Vic Ferrell, Supervisor, Safety and Security Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the Safety and Security Department is to help create a safe and secure campus and workplace as well as keep students safe during extracurricular activities and school-related events.

The safety and security of all students and staff is our first responsibility every day, all day. We employ dedicated security personnel – both security monitors and off-duty police officers - for the prevention, intervention and resolution of incidents. All of our security staff are trained in Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) measures and we always use the lowest level of intervention necessary to resolve safety concerns among students – we always first seek to talk calmly to students to maintain the proper behavior. We provide walking and mobile patrols of the school campus. The Safety and Security Office works closely with the Shaker Heights Police Department, Fire Department and first responders to prevent safety problems and to address them immediately when they do occur. We are proud to do all we can to keep our buildings and campus safe and secure.

Vision Statement

To help all students, teachers and staff become more aware and report safety concerns (“See something, Say something.”)

Goals and Objectives for 2020-2021

We will support the District Strategic Plan by:
  1. Ensure each school has a state-approved emergency operations plan.
  2. Collaborate with SHPD to practice student safety drills with fidelity.
  3. Brief PTOs and other stakeholder groups about school safety.


Safety and Security Supervisor
Vic Ferrell
(216) 295-4179
High School Assistant Supervisor
Nicole Wilson
(216) 295-4299
High School Head Security Monitor 
Mark Seymore
(216) 295-4299
Middle School Head Security Monitor 
Linda Thompson
(216) 295-2922
Head Security Monitor, District Evening Shift 
Ephrem Speigner
(216) 295-4299