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Gifted Identification and Programming FAQ

What does Whole-Grade Screening Mean? Whole Grade-Screening is when students in a particular grade take an assessment to determine giftedness. As with any assessment, parents have the right to not have their child assessed.

Why did Shaker select NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test? The Ohio Department of Education (ODE)  provides school districts with a list of approved assessments for each gifted identification area. MAP Growth is already given to our students in grades 2-8 and selecting it allows us to minimize the number of assessments our students take. It is research-based and can be used to identify specific academic ability in mathematics and reading. The Naglieri was selected because it is highly regarded as a non-verbal ability test, provides identification in superior cognitive ability and is recommended as one of the best assessments to ensure equity in identification. 

Why are there two assessments given in grades 2 and 5? Does a child have to meet the criteria on both to be identified as gifted? There are two assessments in whole-grade screenings because they identify different types of giftedness. MAP identifies giftedness in Math and Reading. The Naglieri identifies superior cognitive ability. To be identified as gifted, a child only needs to meet the identification score on one of the two assessments. 

What if I do not want my student to participate in the whole-grade screening? Parents/Guardians may opt out of any assessment. Parents/Guardians should contact the student’s building principal to opt out.

My child was identified as gifted last year, does my child need to be identified every year as gifted? No. Once a child is identified as gifted, that identification exists throughout their Shaker Heights Schools career.

We just moved to Shaker Heights. How will my child’s previous identification as gifted be handled? Shaker accepts assessment results from other districts or trained individuals outside the District.

My child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan allows for accommodations when testing. May my child have these accommodations when being assessed for giftedness? Shaker will allow those accommodations, if the assessment instrument allows them. If the accommodations are not consistent with a test’s allowable accommodations, a comparable approved assessment instrument will be used.  

If I refer my child for identification of giftedness, how long will I have to wait to for an initial assessment? Shaker will try to respond as quickly as possible, but must conduct the initial assessment within 90 days of receipt of the referral form. 

My child met the criteria to be identified as gifted. What school and what program will they be enrolled in Shaker? During the 2022-23 school year, Shaker Heights Schools will offer formal gifted services to students identified as gifted in the areas of superior cognition, creative thinking, reading/writing and mathematics in grades 3-8.  Students will receive services in an inclusive cluster grouping model. A cluster group is a group of identified gifted students who are purposefully clustered together in the classroom of a teacher who has licensure or endorsement or specialized training in gifted education.  The other students in that class are of mixed ability. Teachers will also receive support from the Gifted Coordinator and Gifted Intervention Specialists through periodic co-teaching, co-planning, and consultation.  Students receiving gifted services will receive a Written Education Plan (WEP) outlining the description of the services to be provided.  Additional information regarding the formal gifted education services that will be provided during the 2022-23 school year is available here.

Shaker also provides Acceleration opportunities (Whole-grade acceleration, individual subject acceleration, early admission to kindergarten and early high school graduation). For FAQ, click here.


For more information on Gifted Identification and Programming, contact:

Dr. John Moore
Director of Exceptional Children
[email protected]

Beth Wilson-Fish
Gifted Coordinator
[email protected]