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Whole-Grade Acceleration

Students at Shaker Heights Schools may be assigned to a higher grade level for the purpose of providing accelerated learning opportunities.

The path to acceleration is a multi-step process that includes input from parents/guardians and educators. To view the acceleration process flowchart, click here.

Parents/guardian who wish to pursue this option must first complete an Academic Acceleration Information Request Form. Following the completion of the referral form, the appropriate building principal will contact you to discuss your referral and how the school can meet the needs of your child. 

Should you wish to continue with the process, the principal will assemble an acceleration team, which includes the parent/guardian, the principal and educators. Before a decision is made about whole-grade acceleration, the child will be assessed using the Iowa Acceleration Scale. The team also will review the student’s MAP results, report cards, work (including tests), social-emotional development and skills. Then, the team will reach a decision about whole-grade acceleration. 

If whole-grade acceleration is approved, the team will develop a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP).

If whole-grade acceleration is not approved, parents/Guardians have an opportunity to appeal the decision. Appeals must be made in writing to the building principal within 30 days of notification of the decision.


Beth Wilson-Fish
Gifted Consultant