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IB Diploma Programme at Shaker Heights High School

The IB Diploma Programme is a broad-based, two-year course of study for juniors and seniors, presented through six academic areas. Students study two modern languages (or a modern language and a classical language); a humanities or social science subject; an experimental science; mathematics; and one of the creative arts or an additional course from the previous subjects. This comprehensive range of subjects makes the Diploma Programme a demanding course of study that prepares students effectively for college. In each of the academic areas, students have flexibility in making their choices, enabling them to select subjects that may wish to study during the college careers. Learn more about the Diploma Programme:
Attend a DP Informational Session in the HS Small Auditorium
Families and students may attend an upcoming Diploma Programme information session:
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2019: 7-8:30 p.m. 
  • Monday, January 27, 2020: 7-8:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, January 30, 2020:   7-8:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, February 1, 2020: 10-11:30 a.m.

Students also may attend the IB Diploma Programme Student Tea on Wednesday, February 5, 2019 from 3-4 p.m. in the Upper Cafeteria.

Can’t make an informational session? View our DP Information Session presentation and learn what our graduates say about the Diploma Programme.

Core Elements Of The Diploma Programme
All Diploma Programme students participate in the three requirements that make up the essential core:

  • The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course encourages students to think about the nature of knowledge, to reflect on the process of learning in all the subjects they study as part of their Diploma Programme course, and to make connections across the academic areas.
  • The Extended Essay (EE), a substantial piece of independent research and writing of up to 4,000 words, enables students to investigate a self-selected topic of special interest.
  • Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) involves students in experiential learning through a range of artistic, sporting, physical, and community service activities.

IB Diploma Requirements
During their junior and senior years, IB Diploma candidates are required to complete coursework in all six areas of study (English, a second world language, history, science, mathematics and the fine arts or an IB elective). Students also must complete at least three (and not more than four) Higher Level courses and three Standard Level courses. 

Students will achieve the IB Diploma based upon successful completion of their six courses, their Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge (TOK I and II) courses, and the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) component.

IB Assessments
IB students are evaluated according to both internal (evaluation by classroom instructors) and external (written exams taken at the end of the course that are marked by IB examiners) assessments. All assessments are criterion-based. Student scores for each course range from 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest). Students must achieve a minimum score of 24 points through their performance on six IB exams in order to earn the IB Diploma. Students may earn up to three additional points for their combined results in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. 

Honor Code
All IB Diploma Candidates will be expected to abide by the IB Honor Code. The Honor Code outlines the expectations for academic honesty for all IB learners as well as potential consequences for infractions. 

Families are responsible for the costs associated with the IB examinations. Currently, International Baccalaureate charges a $120 fee for each Higher Level and Standard Level exam. Thus, families of Diploma Programme candidates can expect a minimum financial cost of $720. Test fees are billed in August of the student’s testing year.

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IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

Dr. John Moore
Shaker Heights High School
15911 Parkland Drive
(216) 295-6322

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