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Physical & Health Education

The philosophy of the Physical Education Department at Shaker Heights High School is to place an emphasis on the physical, emotional and social development of the student. Physical activity is the vehicle that will be used to create an atmosphere for skill development, fitness and enjoyment. There are two major emphases for the high school program. The first emphasis is for students to become proficient in one or more activities that lead to achieving lifetime leisure activity participation. The second emphasis is for students to become proficient in and to participate in daily physical fitness exercises that lead to healthy exercise participation throughout their lives.

Please Note: The courses and grade levels below represent typical programming pathways. Shaker Heights High School's counseling staff can help direct students and their families to the courses that best fit a student's academic needs.  


Lifetime Fitness

Grades 9/10/11/12
Semester I or II - 1/4 Unit Per Semester
This course is designed to introduce, empower, educate and inspire students to fall in love with fitness as something they do for both physical and emotional well-being. The course will focus on introducing various methods of fitness that are also in alignment with individualizing fitness that is challenging to each student's personal goals and ability.  This course will include Block Zero Programming that encompasses core exercises, hand weights, mini bands, and low impact as well as high impact cardiovascular exercise. All workouts will be monitored with Polar Heart Rate trackers. Safety will be emphasized to give students knowledge of how to exercise both in a school setting that can be applied to lifelong fitness.

Raider Games 9, Raider Games 10-12

Grade 9, Grades 10-12
Semester I or II - ¼ Unit Per Semester

The course is for students who enjoy a variety of games and activities.  The class will have a moderate level of competition but enjoyment of the activity is most important.  Basic to moderate skill level will be used while learning strategies for success in each activity.   Activities may include Team Handball, Speedball, Floor Hockey, Matball, Capture the Flag, Volleyball, Badminton and many more.  The class will also incorporate lifetime fitness activities.

Competitive Games 9, Competitive Games 10-12

Grade 9, Grades 10-12
Semester I and/or II - ¼ Unit Per Semester

This course will provide students the opportunity to compete with other students who enjoy a high level of competition. The class will have a strong emphasis on Touch Football and Basketball but may also include Team handball, Speedball, Floor Hockey and more. The class requires an intermediate to advanced skill level. This class will also include strength training opportunities for improving athletic ability. The class will follow a sports education model that is student-led. Students will compete in a regular season, playoff and championship for a culminating activity.

Strength & Conditioning I

Semester 1 and/or 2 – ¼ Unit Per Semester
Grade 9 only

Strength and Conditioning is a semester class concentrating on building strength, speed, quickness, agility and explosive power. Instructors guide students to improve all areas of strength & fitness and help create a personal profile to follow once the course is over. This class is recommended for Shaker athletes and students who want intense workouts. Strength & Conditioning I is for students in grade 9.

Strength and Conditioning II

Semester 1 and/or 2 – ¼ Unit Per Semester
Grades 10 - 12

This course builds upon Strength and Conditioning I and is a semester course with the option to be taken for a full year. Students will explore advanced biomechanical functions of muscles and movement, discover new speed, strength and power concepts and modalities and incorporate recovery protocols to avoid “burnout” and overtraining.  Students will place special emphasis on enhancing athletic abilities and physical skills.  High Intensity Training will be introduced to help reinforce the importance of focus and intention as well as partner training and one-on-one coaching.  Strength & Conditioning II is recommended by the Athletic Department to be taken by athletes each semester of your high school career.  Whenever possible Strength & Conditioning I is a prerequisite for Strength & Conditioning II.

Stress Management & Yoga 9, Stress Management & Yoga 10-12

Grade 9, Grades 10-12
Semester I or II – ¼ Unit Per Semester

A semester in Yoga/Stress Management will enhance a students self-awareness and their ability to “de-stress”, while increasing their strength, flexibility and mindfulness.  

Yoga will include a plethora of balances, postures, vinyasas (routines), breathing techniques and meditation. Research continues to support and value the benefits of yoga and meditation for students of all ages. Stress management consists of practicing a variety of different stress relief techniques, such as: autogenic muscle relaxation, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization/mental imagery and journaling. These techniques, coupled with yoga, meditation and mindfulness, will encourage/enable students to live a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

Health Education

Grade 9
Semester I or II – ½ Unit

A semester of experience in health science education will help students explore numerous issues around what it means to be a health conscious individual in today’s ever changing society. Understanding that good health is much more than being physically fit and free from disease, the class will study the interactive components of wellness and topics such as nutrition, character development, public speaking skills, job interview skills, self defense/street smarts, human sexuality and chemical abuse education. Diversified instruction, guest speakers, role playing, discussions, debates, audiovisual aids and challenging projects are learning strategies that are part of this exciting learning environment. CPR and AED training may be part of this course, per state requirements.

Marching Band and Raiderette Exemption for Physical Education

Marching Band Exemption for Physical Education for students in the classes of 2022, 2023, and 2024 ONLY 

Students who are enrolled in fall Marching Band for two years can be exempted from .5 credit of Physical Education. Students who are enrolled in Raiderettes can earn PE credit by being enrolled in Raiderettes in Quarter 1 and then in PE Quarter 2, or they can be exempt from PE by enrolling in Raiderettes Quarter 1 and then in band for Quarter 2.

Interscholastic Athletic Participation: Physical Education Independent Study for Credit Flexibility

For Interscholastic Independent Study Program:

Students participating on an in-season Shaker Interscholastic Athletic Team have the opportunity to receive one semester of Physical Education credit by enrolling in this Independent Study class. 
The student must complete a guided learning experience that requires pre-season essays, daily record keeping of participation and competition, a coach evaluation, and postseason reflections that are related to the Physical Education curriculum and the Ohio Department of Education State Standards for Physical Education. 

Freshmen are not permitted to earn Independent Study credit. Seniors are not permitted to participate in this program beyond the winter athletic season.

Each sport will have a Google Classroom. All assessments will be posted to the Google Classroom. During the preseason the class code for each sport will be sent out through the team's head coach and final forms.  

Assignment Procedures:
As your season begins, complete the student data information form and the preseason essays. Once the preseason essay is accepted PE Independent Study is placed on your schedule.

At the end of your season complete postseason essays, log sheets and coach evaluation form.  All forms must be completed and submitted to the Google Classroom.  

Credit is awarded as pass (P) for a semester grade (1/4 credit), or the student is removed from the program, if assignments are not completed.

The eligible in-season Shaker interscholastic athletic teams and their corresponding season for participation in the program are listed next.

Fall SeasonWinter SeasonSpring Season
Boys’ Cross Country
Girls’ Cross Country
Field Hockey
Boys’ Golf
Girls’ Golf
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Soccer
Girls’ Tennis
Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Ice Hockey
Boys’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Softball
Boys’ Tennis
Boys’ Track
Girls’ Track
Boys’ Crew
Girls’ Crew

Please review the table below for application availability and specific due dates for the forms and essays. All parts of the application and essays are to be submitted online to the class in which the student enrolled.

Season Application Available Data Form and Pre-Season Essay Due  Final Project Due 
Fall Season1st Day of August3rd Friday in August1st Friday in November
Winter SeasonBeginning of November3rd Friday in November1st Friday in March
Spring SeasonBeginning of March3rd Friday in March3rd Friday in May

Outside of School: Physical Education Independent Study for Credit Flexibility

If a student has a full academic course load, physical education credit may be applied for through the independent study program. The activity that is applied for must be one that is not offered in our physical education curriculum, not an outside-of-school sports team that is also offered through our interscholastic school athletic program, and not an activity for which the student is receiving financial compensation. The activity must have a professional sponsor guiding the project and helping in the final evaluation of the project.

Program Guidelines:
Students must read the entire application and complete it in full.

Students must complete and submit the following by the assigned due dates:, pre-activity essays, sponsor’s data form, sponsor’s end of activity evaluation form, end of activity essays, daily log sheets on participation. All students should save a copy of the sponsor forms, essays, and log sheets.

The program is listed on the student’s schedule as an Independent Study class, under the Chair of the Physical Education Department.

Independent Study cannot be used to satisfy eligibility requirements for interscholastic/co-curricular activities.

Credit is awarded as pass (P) (1/4 credit). If a student does not successfully complete their entire project with a satisfactory evaluation from their sponsor, they will not receive credit. Students must document a minimum of 60 hours of program participation to be considered for 1/4 credit.

A minimum of 20 hours of direct interaction with your sponsor is required.  The other 40 hours must be activity participation that leads towards your projects’ goals, that you and your sponsor agree with, and that the sponsor will sign off on.

Activities for Outside Independent Study can vary, but all activities require a physical fitness component. Examples include but are not limited to - Figure Skating, Dance, Karate, Boxing, working with a personal trainer - If you are unclear about your activity please contact Mr. Enie.

The Outside Independent Study program is an option for students to gain PE credit for activities not offered at the High School.  Students can not use a sport or activity offered as a varsity sport at Shaker Heights High School. For example summer baseball, AAU basketball, Freestyle wrestling, etc. 

Students cannot participate in the Independent Study program during the second semester of their senior year.

Students cannot apply for the Independent Study program until the beginning of the school year during their freshman year.

All documents must be submitted as PDF, MS Word or Google Doc file (no Pages).

Semester Application Available Data Form and Pre-Season Essay DueFinal Project Due 
Semester One Start of Semester 13rd Friday in SeptemberEnd of Semester 1
Semester TwoStart of Semester 21st Friday in FebruaryEnd of Semester 2
Summer Beginning of May2nd Friday in MayMid-September