Bid Information

District Pilot Classrooms, Interior Alterations to 10 Classroom Spaces, Due June 7, 2018
Concrete Sidewalk and Apron Repair, Due May 9, 2018
High School Fire Alarm System, Due May 3, 2018
Middle School Exterior Painting & Soffit Repairs, Due May 3, 2018
High School and Boulevard Security Upgrades, Due May 3, 2018
Mercer Elementary Interior Renovations of Classroom Space REBID, Due May 1, 2018
Mercer Elementary Exterior Waterline Replacement REBID, May 1, 2018
Boulevard Elementary Facility Improvements REBID, Due May 1, 2018
High School & Boulevard Slate Roof Repairs, Due May 1, 2018
Boulevard Elementary School Facility Improvements, Due April 5, 2018 
Boiler Installation at Shaker Heights High School, Due April 3, 2018


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