Boulevard Elementary School Facility Improvements, Due April 5, 2018
Boiler Installation at Shaker Heights High School, Due April 3, 2018
Mercer Elementary School MBH Room, Due March 29, 2018High School and Onaway Elementary School Foundation and Wall Repair, Due March 29, 2018Mercer Elementary School Exterior Waterline Replacement, Due March 29, 2018

High School South Parking Lot Improvements, Due March 28, 2018

Onaway Elementary School Parking Lot Improvements, Due March 28, 2018 

Strategic Planning Services and Facilitation of Equity Task Force, Due March 7, 2018
Shaker Heights High School Low Pressure Steam Boilers And Associated Equipment Prepurchase Package, Due March 2, 2018
Wi-Fi Upgrade, Due February 12, 2018

Elevator Modernization at Shaker Heights High School, Due February 2, 2018

Fiber WAN Project, Due November 4, 2017
Fiber Network, Due August 31, 2017
Notice of Intent to Employ a Construction Manager-as-Advisor and RFQ, Due July 24, 2017
 Middle School Cafeteria and Kitchen Ceiling, Due June 2, 2017
Professional Design Firm, Due June 7, 2017
Phone Systems Upgrade Project, Due April 28, 2017

Woodbury Elementary School Entrance Vestibule Renovation, Due March 22, 2017 

 Network Hardware Infrastructure Upgrades, Due January 20, 2017 

 Community Attitude Survey and Market Research Services, July 20 – August 4, 2016 

 Capital Project Owner’s Rep, July 5 – August 8, 2016 

Professional Design Firm, Due July 8, 2016 

 Parking Lots and Tennis Courts Improvements, Due February 22, 2016

 Woodbury School Clock Tower, Due February 5, 2016 

Master Planning, Due July 17, 2015 

Copier Equipment, Due July 1, 2015 

Food Services, Due June 17, 2015 

Professional Design Services, Due May 14, 2015 

Educational Visioning and Facilitation Services, Due March 25, 2015 

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