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The current Programme of Inquiry (POI) for Boulevard School is linked here. This is a working document; teacher teams are constantly reflecting and changing its content.  

There are 6 units at each grade level - one for each theme. Kindergarten has 4 units. Each unit of inquiry has guiding precepts: a central idea, lines of inquiry and the identification of key concepts. Below is the way a sample unit of inquiry would be outlined on the POI. This is the 3rd grade unit for "How the World Works."


Central Idea: Earth’s nonliving resources can be used for energy. 


Key Concepts: Form, connection, causation


Related Concepts: properties, structure, impact

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Properties of non living resources (types of rocks/soil) (Form)

  • Connection between geology and industry (Connection)

  • Renewable/Nonrenewable energy resources (Causation)