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Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible

At Boulevard School we use Essential Agreements instead of rules in our classrooms and common areas (the hallways, restrooms, the playground and the lunch room). Each classroom teacher and single subject teacher (art, music, library, physical education and Spanish) works with his or her students to develop their own set of agreements at the beginning of the school year. They define what Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible looks like in their classroom. You may want to create your own Essential Agreements at home to help your children make a connection with the vocabulary and the concept. Essential Agreements should be:

  • few in number
  • concisely written
  • refer to how something is done
  • collaboratively composed
  • binding on all participants
  • clarify the responsibilities of the teacher, the children and the parents
  • increase consistency and reliability of best practice