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Will fifth grade students still play an instrument in music?

Fifth grade students will participate in music class in their weekly single-subject rotation. The final decision on instrumental instruction for fifth grade students has not yet been made. Many factors such as storage of instruments, staffing, practice space and more are being considered in this decision.

When will my student’s elementary school be renovated?

The order of elementary school renovations has not yet been determined. The District anticipates the order of construction to be finalized after an architect and construction manager are hired in May 2024.

My child’s school has a design lab. Will this still be accessible during the transition?

There are no plans to utilize the design lab spaces as classroom space during the transition period. 

How has staff input and feedback been collected and considered in this process?

Faculty and staff received a survey for placement preference, which included opportunities to provide open feedback. District administrators have visited staff meetings, held questions and answer sessions and provided anonymous forms for staff to submit questions. Building leadership have held one-on-one and small-group discussions by request, staff have participated in forums for open discussion among trusted groups and had access to union representatives to provide feedback. Staff input is sought out and considered by the working groups of teachers, administrators and other faculty and staff when making recommendations on decision points.

How are faculty and staff being prepared for the transition?

Professional learning time is being examined closely. The District currently has one remaining professional/clerical day for this school year on June 6. The shift to a professional learning day on April 8 (eclipse day) will allow staff some time to become oriented to new buildings and teams. The District will also provide learning and teaching workgroup stipends and official IB training in the summer for educators seeking this option. 

What support will exist for writing new curriculum for Grade 5?

Elementary IB coordinators will facilitate a variety of professional learning opportunities in spring of 2024 to support teachers transitioning to elementary. This includes an introduction to the PYP model of instruction, a needs assessment of curricular resources and collaborative planning time to begin writing the first unit for the start of the 2024-2025 school year. Similarly to the original implementation of the PYP, it is not expected that teachers begin the year with all units written. Teachers will utilize the weekly collaborative planning time with coordinators to continue developing curriculum throughout the year. 

How will teachers be expected to pack and move their rooms?

Teachers and staff will be provided with the necessary time, building access and supplies to pack classrooms and workspaces. The District service department and hired movers will move all items to new spaces. A district committee of administrators, teachers, and custodial staff are working together to coordinate and execute this plan.

What impact will the facility renovations have on recreation programming?

The school district is collaborating with the District athletic department, the recreation department and other athletic and recreation providers to develop plans for recreation and athletic programming and facilities while buildings are being renovated.

What year will Woodbury reopen as the middle years building?

A tentative schedule was provided by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), which indicated Woodbury may be available as early as December of 2026. However, an architect and construction manager will provide the District with a more firm timeline for design and construction. The architect and construction manager will be hired by the end of May 2024.

Will the community have input during the design process(es) for the renovations?

There will be community engagement opportunities throughout the design phase of this process. The District will work with the architect and construction manager, once hired, to facilitate these engagement opportunities.

What happens to the Middle School building during and after the renovations?

The current Middle School building will be used as swing space during the renovation of Woodbury, followed by Boulevard, Lomond, Mercer and Onaway. The plan indicates that two elementary schools will be renovated at a time. Upon completion of all four elementary schools, the Middle School building will be demolished. The District will continue to work with the City of Shaker Heights to determine a plan for this site.