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Shaker Schools Facilities Advisory Committee

The Shaker Schools Facilities Advisory Committee is a stakeholder group that will help shape and guide implementation of the Long-Term Master Facilities Plan, provide community feedback as the District works to implement the plan and engage with the broader community regarding its implementation.

The group consists of more than 30 members, approximately half chosen by lottery from the 85 residents who applied to serve. The remaining half were appointed by the District and Board of Education to ensure equitable demographic and geographic representation.

The Shaker Schools Facilities Advisory Committee meets once per month. Meeting agendas:

The committee members are:
Susan Armstrong
Andrea Boyd
James BradyAmy Brodsky
Samantha Chin
Richard Cissell
Tracy DickersonKevin Dreyfuss-Wells
Dominique Frazier
Rick Freer
Mark GoodeSophronia Hairston
Faisal Khan
Lynn Lilly
Alison Lim
Edward Long
Ramona Lowery-FerrellMarc Lubline
Nilanjana Majnumdar
Leah Markowicz
Victoria Martin IIJames Maye
Brian McDonald
LaToya McNutt
Susan MearsChristine Medvedev
Keith Oliver
Noelle Shanahan Cutts
Brad Sparks
Michael Stecyk
Gianna Tyrrell
Ronda Wright