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Professional Learning

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion assists the Learning & Teaching Department in the creation of professional learning opportunities that are implemented and guided through an equitable lens.

Staff sitting at a table in discussion

Equity Rounds

Equity Rounds is a collaborative process with our ODEI and Learning & Teaching Department. The process of equity rounds supports all school buildings within the District. Equity rounds support through the following:
  • Building leadership identification of an equity priority or problem of practice
  • Inclusion of student voice
  • Inclusion of teachers, administrators, support staff, etc.
  • Follow up professional learning directly related to the equity rounds data
  • Continuation through the Equity Improvement Cycle
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DEI Professional Learning Days

DEI Professional Learning days, held on August 16-17, 2023, were a success! Staff engaged in powerful discussions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion with a focus on social identities and microaggressions. The days began with keynote speakers sharing their experiences and guidance towards equity, including strategies that are impactful for our schools and the entire community. This was followed by breakout sessions allowing participants to engage in discussions about the impact of social identities and microaggressions, and how we can use strategies to support each other and prevent microaggressions form occurring. 

This is only the beginning of ongoing professional learning to support the needs of students and faculty throughout their experiences.
Three adults posing on a stage with a presentation in the backgroundA group of staff members posing in a classroom during professional learning

Classroom Supports for DEI

Throughout the District, diversity, equity and inclusion strategies are also facilitated with students. Classroom facilitations include topics such as microaggressions, oppressive language, co-teaching in primary and upper elementary classrooms, as well as coaching of individual teachers during their teaching. 

Four students holding poster boards with writing about DEI topics


Dr. Nicole Sherman Patterson
Director of DEI Professional Learning
15600 Parkland Drive
Shaker Heights, OH 44120