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Fernway Building FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, grouped by the topics listed below. You may scroll through the FAQs or you may click on a topic to jump to that section:

Temporary School
Building Repair  

Temporary School FAQ

Will Fernway students be taught by Fernway teachers for the 2018-19 school year?
Yes. Fernway students will be taught by Fernway teachers.

Where will the students go to school next year? Will they stay in the District? Out of District?
The Board of Education and District officials are still determining the location of the temporary school for next year.  

What about teachers, aides and staff? Will they have their jobs?

Full-time working parents need to make arrangements soon for before and after school care for the upcoming school year. Where will this care be located? How can parents plan?
The City of Shaker Heights Department of Recreation provides School-Age Care for students at our elementary schools. We will work with the City to determine plans for before- and after-care for Fernway students for the 2018-19 school year.

How will the students receive meals and food services?
Our food service provider, AVI delivers meals daily to all of our elementary school buildings. None of the food is prepared on site, which means that delivery will remain the same.

When will the District communicate the details on where Fernway students will attend school for the 2018-19 school year?We will communicate via email, website and social media as soon as the District and the Board of Education form a plan for Fernway students next year.

What is the school schedule for the temporary school?
Pending location, the District plans to use the same hours for the temporary school, which are: 9:05 a.m.-3:25 p.m.

Building Repair FAQ

Does the District have insurance to cover the building loss?
Yes. The District has put the contractor and all of the insurance carriers on notice of the District’s claim and loss, and we will work with all parties to ensure the maximum reimbursement of expenses associated with this unfortunate event. For questions about the district claims process, please contact our representative:   

James Phelan, Account Executive
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
3 Summit Park Dr., Suite 530, Independence, OH 44131
Office: 216.654.9389
Mobile: 216.544.7650

Is there a chance that the City would NOT rebuild the school?
The City of Shaker Heights is not charged with construction and maintenance of District buildings. The District is diligently working to determine future plans for Fernway Elementary School. The process will consider our community's input, keeping the very best interests of the students and teachers at the forefront.

Will our security staff protect the building? 
The building is secured 24 hours a day by contractor security. Fernway School and the surrounding playground, lawn, blacktop and parking lot are closed to the public until further notice for safety reasons. Only authorized officials are permitted to enter the building. 

What will happen with the damaged items? 
All items inside the building are being carefully inventoried and evaluated by our Disaster Recovery Team. Teachers and staff will be able to assess the condition of their belonging during a special site visit beginning Monday, July 16. Items that are damaged or deemed unsuitable and unsafe for school use will be recycled whenever possible or disposed.

What will happen with the items that are not damaged? Where will these items be stored?
On July 11, less than 24 hours after the fire began, a team of disaster recovery contractors began moving valuables and salvageable items out of Fernway School. These items will be cleaned and stored in shipping containers. Items that may be sensitive to weather conditions, etc., will be stored in a climate-controlled facility.

How long to make the playground safe so the neighborhood kids and play there again?  
The Fernway playground is closed until further notice, as disaster recovery and insurance workers assess the building and its surrounding grounds. Fire produces many toxins and we must be certain that the playground is safe before children return.

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