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Our mission is to provide students, staff, and the community with a clean, safe, and comfortable learning environment. We help preserve and protect the community's investment in education as well as follow all state-mandated guidelines in safety compliance, security, building construction and maintenance codes, capital improvements, integrated pest management, and applicable health, safety, and risk management practices in the workplace.

All District buildings are provided with operations, maintenance, custodial, and grounds services. We operate and monitor HVAC systems, ensuring comfort, and maintaining indoor air quality. Through the use of a computerized maintenance program, all department work orders are submitted, routed, assigned and their progress monitored online. The maintenance staff continues to be regularly commended for outstanding customer service.

The maintenance staff is in charge of plumbing, electrical, heating, and all facets of general repair in six elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, Central Office, Service Center, Transportation, and Garage Facility and DATA/DLMO building. As needed, we procure services of heating and air conditioning specialists, audio-visual technicians, electricians, equipment mechanics, plumbers, welders, mechanical shop technicians, pest control, abatement technicians, roofing specialists, landscapers, grounds-keepers, and energy management specialists.

Our grounds staff is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our lawns, athletic fields, and playgrounds, totaling 87.5 acres. They are also responsible for plowing, transporting district supplies, and providing assistance to other departments when needed.

Business and Operations Department
15600 Parkland Drive
Shaker Heights, OH  44120
(216) 295-4312
(216) 295-4344 (fax) 
Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Grosse
216 295-1400

Executive Assistant
April Abbott
216 295-4312
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Boyer, David
216 295-4333
Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds 
Sean D. Brown, Sr.
216 295-4394
Administrative Assistant
Tammy Bell
216 295-4307
Administrative Assistant 
Deirdre Storms
216 295-5593