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Students paint at easels in art class

Shaping Our Future

Four students gathered on climbing equipment talking on an elementary school playground.

Inclusive Excellence

Student practices the violin in orchestra class

Creating Our Future

Football players run onto the field carrying the Raider flag

Excellence is Inclusive

A teacher laughs with students while working in the library during class

Creating Our Future

Three students work together on a project in class

Inclusive Excellence

Two cross country runners embrace at a race

Shaping Our Future

The SHHS Choir performs at a Cavaliers game

Excellence is Inclusive

Two elementary students sit at a lunch table and talk

Creating Our Future

A math teacher sits with two Middle School students while they do schoolwork.

Inclusive Excellence

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International Baccalaureate

As an International Baccalaureate district, our curriculum is designed to nurture, educate and graduate civic-minded students who are creative thinkers and skillful problem solvers and who are actively engaged in our global and multicultural society.

A student holds up a poem she wrote

Educational Equity

Our District works to understand and dismantle long-standing systemic barriers that have resulted in persistent racial disparities in academic achievement. These same barriers also prevent all members of our District from feeling a true sense of belonging.

A diverse group of students line up a lunch to go to recess

Master Facilities Plan

Our vision is for all Shaker Heights children to attend school in buildings that are modern, safe and inclusive; support academic excellence; are diverse, integrated and welcoming; promote community, and; allow the District to remain fiscally responsible.

Hand-drawn sign by a student on the door at a newly remodeled Fernway. The sign says thank you for the new school


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The Shaker Heights City School District has always been a trailblazer in education excellence. Becoming the first school district in Greater Cleveland—and one of only only a handful of districts across the nation—to provide the International Baccalaureate Programme to students in all grade levels underscores our vision to be the first choice school district for all students, both locally and around the globe.

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go beyond academic success

attributes that

Shaker Heights Schools not only offers a rigorous academic curriculum but also a holistic approach to help students embody the traits of the International Baccalaureate Programme's Learner Profile.


Student standing in front of bookshelves holding an origami creation


Student in a tie-dye shirt stands in front of a garden


Student stands in an elementary school classroom


Student stands outside in front of a sidewalk and trees.


Student stands in front of a piece of artwork


Student sits in an elementary school classroom


Student stands in front of a green wall


Middle School student stands in front of balloons on the auditorium stage


Student standing in front of a brick wall wearing a Shaker Raiders sweatshirt

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Shaker Schools Foundation

The Shaker Schools foundation is deeply committed to ensuring that every child in the Shaker Heights Schools has the opportunity to thrive through enriching extracurricular activities.

The Shaker Schools Foundation Executive Director poses for a photo with preschool students

Strategic Plan

The District's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan was built on the foundation of two bedrock principles: Educational equity and the International Baccalaurate Programme.

Faculty member work together on professional learning

Our Graduates

Shaker Heights Schools graduates leave high school with an impressive resume, and pursue success in a variety of pathways including college, career and military endeavors. 

A SHHS graduate shakes hands while receiving her diploma


Our curriculum is designed to nurture, educate and graduate civic-minded students who are creative thinkers and skillful problem solvers and who are actively engaged in our global and multicultural society.

A student plays the trombone in band class


Global education has long been part of The Shaker Experience with opportunities for both domestic and international adventures through language, arts, service programs and more. 

SHHS students pose for a selfie with a student in South Africa

Social-Emotional Wellness

As part of the District's commitment to the whole child, dedicated supports help ensure that all students have access to a variety of resources to support their social-emotional development.

A teacher works one-on-one with a student