Strategic Plan 2014-2019
The Mission of the Schools

The District will nurture, educate, and graduate
who are civic-minded and prepared
to make ethical decisions;
who are confident,
competent communicators,
skillful in problem
solving, capable of creative thinking;
who have
a career motivation
and a knowledge of our
global and multicultural society.
Strategic Planning Team
Karen Andrei - ST Erin Herbruck - ST
     Dave Peterjohn - ST/C
Chris Auginas - ST/C Annette Himes - C
     Marla Robinson - ST/C
Ellen Battle - ST/C Miata Hunter - ST/C
     Tres Roeder - C
Bryan Christman -ST/C
Greg Hutchings -ST/C
     Lisa Scott - ST/C
Sara Cole - ST
Jennie Kaffen - C
     Julianna Senturia - C
Todd Davidson - C
Keith Langford - C
     Fred Shalhoup -ST
Amy Davis - ST/C
John Lisy - C      Candace Sheffler - C/ST
Luren Dickinson - C
Colleen Longo -ST/C
     Benjamin Silberman - S
Kathy Fredrick - ST
Deborah McHamm - C
     Ouimet Smith - ST/C
Amy Fulford - SB
Kurt Miller - C
     Bernice Stokes - ST/C
Jennifer Goodall - C
Steve Minter - C
     Annette Sutherland - SB
Michael Griffith -ST/C
John Moore - ST/C
     Normella Walker - C
Olivia Hamilton -S
Billie Morgan - ST/C
     Dale Whittington - ST/C
Amy Hanauer - C
Ilka Nieves - ST
     Tracy Williams - ST/C
Ayesha Hardaway - C
Patty Ott -ST/C
     Danny Young - ST/C

S = Student, ST = Staff, C = Community Member, SB = School Board 

Strategic Planning General Resources
Strategic Plan Meeting Information
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Monday, May 19, 2014
Tuesday, June 17, 2014 
Previous Strategic Plan
Race to the Top
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