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The Shaker Heights Schools received official authorization from the International Baccalaureate Organization to implement the IB Middle Years Programme for all students in grades 5-10 in June 2015.
The Middle Years Programme spans grades 5-10, linking student experiences across Woodbury, the Middle and High School. The MYP provides a framework for integrating state and national content standards in a way that is authentic and real-world relevant, engaging students through inquiry and other learner-centered approaches. In this way, curriculum and content remain at the core of teaching and learning, yet serve the greater purpose for the development of attributes and skills fulfilling Shaker’s Mission.

Implementing the MYP has also provided an enhanced opportunity for teachers to work together more than ever before, crafting units of study that share key concepts, important questions, and learner-centered experiences across courses. When teachers collaborate in such a manner, creativity and ingenuity are invigorated, ensuring that all of our students are engaged in learning that develops their content knowledge as well as the attitudes and skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

All of these rich learning and living experiences are exemplified in students’ service, action, and final personal project. Throughout the program, students are expected to use their growing knowledge to effect positive change, culminating in a deep exploration of their passion in 10thgrade (The Personal Project). At the intersection of learning and action, great things happen!


MYP Resources

10th Grade Personal Project

During the 10th grade year, all students are expected to complete the Personal Project. The project is a product, event, or experience that captures and reflects the learning and development that the student has experienced over the course of their entire education.
Much like the Exhibition in the Primary Years Programme (grade 4) and Senior Project (grade 12), the Personal Project provides an opportunity for students to explore their passions, inner-most thoughts, capabilities and future trajectory.
Students that successfully complete the Personal Project are awarded with a .25 independent study credit on their transcript, providing evidence of their dedication to lifelong learning and action. They also receive recognition at an awards ceremony and an engraved plaque.
For a more detailed overview of the Personal Project, see our Personal Project website and the many resources below. 

MYP Contacts & Information

Addie Tobey  e-mail
Middle School
Addie Tobey  e-mail 
High School
Molly Miles e-mail
International Baccalaureate Organization
More information about the MYP in Shaker Heights

10th Grade Personal Project

The 10th Grade Personal Project is the capstone experience in the MYP. All 10th graders are responsible for undertaking an independent inquiry into something they're passionate about.
Visit the Personal Project webpage for up-to-date information, resources, pictures and more!
Personal Project Brochure : This downloadable brochure has basic information and examples as well. 
Personal Project Mind Map: This PDF has a mind map that may help as students plan the progression of their project.

MYP Policies

These policies serve as Shaker's statement of philosophical belief and practice on assessment, academic honesty, special education needs and language. These policies are annually reviewed to ensure that they continue to reflect both our current practices as well as our aspirations. 
Assessment Policy: This policy describes our beliefs about how formative and summative assessments are to be used for learning,  our common practices in using the MYP assessment criteria, and how we record and report student achievement related to MYP assessment criteria. 
Academic Honesty Policy: This policy outlines our stance on academic misconduct and its consequences. 
Special Education Needs Policy: This policy shows that we encourage the full inclusion of all students in the MYP to the extent possible, how we support students to be successful in their school experience, and how all teachers are responsible for the development of each child. 
Language Policy This policy includes how Shaker supports the language development of all students, how we value students' host countries, their mother-tongue and culture, and our broad selection of language & literature and language acquisition courses. 

Sample MYP Curriculum

The samples below show how teachers work together to develop innovative, inquiry-based curriculum. While units do not necessarily show the day-to-day planning, they provide the scope of learning students experience over the course of learning. 
9th Grade Language & Literature: Living the Dream 
5th Grade Science: Earth's Place in Space 
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