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Changes to Middle School, High School Attendance Notifications

February 19, 2024—Effective Tuesday, February 20, all Shaker Heights Middle School and Shaker Heights High School absence phone calls, email messages and texts will be sent in the morning only. If you receive a notification, please contact the school office about the reason for your child’s absence by the end of the school day.

You may view your child’s attendance anytime in the PowerSchool Public Portal. When viewing attendance via the web version of the Portal, you will see ‘Attendance by Class’ at the top of the screen. This information is as recorded by the teacher for each period of the school day. Near the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘Attendance by Day,’ which is the attendance code being recorded for that instructional day and reported to the State of Ohio. 

Please note that some information found on the web version of the Portal is not available on the mobile app, so it is always preferable to log in via a browser on your laptop or smartphone. Unfortunately, the mobile app will only display the ‘Attendance by Class.’ If you or your student have push notifications set up through the PowerSchool app, those will notify you about ‘Attendance by Class,’ but not ‘Attendance by Day.’ For example, if your child is ill, the teachers will still mark your child as absent in all classes throughout the day, but the ‘Attendance by Day’ would note that the absence was Medical once you have notified the school office.

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