A Night for the Red & White
March 4, 2017
Cleveland Hilton Downtown
7 p.m. 

A Night for the Red & White is a celebration of our community and our schools working together to raise funds for enrichment activities focusing on the arts, humanities, technology, and health and fitness in the Shaker Heights City School District. The event is hosted by the Friends of the Shaker Schools Foundation, a large and diverse group of volunteers who work closely with the Shaker Schools Foundation.

What is the Shaker Schools Foundation and how does A Night for the Red & White support its mission?

Both the Shaker Schools Foundation and A Night for the Red & White are organizations primarily consisting of volunteers who raise funds to provide enrichment programs and activities for the students of the Shaker Heights City School District. The Shaker Schools Foundation focuses its efforts on teacher grants, special projects, student awards and substantial, long-range capital programs such as the renovation and restoration of the High School auditoriums. The proceeds from A Night for the Red & White are used on more immediate programs as listed below.

When and where is this year’s event and how is it different?

A Night for the Red & White will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017, at the new Hilton Cleveland Downtown located on Lakeside Avenue East next to the Convention Center. This event will be the 25th anniversary of the Red & White and the 35th anniversary of the Shaker Schools Foundation. Come and enjoy the culinary skills of Chef Maxime Kien. Chef “Max” comes to Cleveland with a wealth of global experience from restaurants on the French Riviera, Monaco, London, Atlanta, and New Orleans. Dance the night away in the Hilton’s massive ballroom and experience the ease of mobile bidding at the silent auction. Our student performances will also be a highlight at this beautiful venue!

What are some fun facts about A Night for the Red & White?

Over the past 24 years this hugely successful event has drawn in approximately 800 participants a year and has engaged over 650 volunteers. The Red & White has been in several different locations including the Omni International Hotel, TRW, Cleveland Browns Stadium, the State Theatre, the InterContinental Hotel, Landerhaven, and most recently, the Tudor Arms Hotel.

How much has been raised by A Night for the Red & White, and how will the proceeds be used?

Since the first benefit in 1992, over 2.5 million dollars has been raised for technology, art, humanities, and health and fitness enrichment. A few examples of programs that have been funded are:

Computer workstations for classrooms (350+)

Projected learning in all classrooms

Projection system in the middle school auditorium

Turning Point clicker system for classrooms

Upgrades to the planetarium

Musical instruments


High School learning garden

Digital microscopes for science lessons

Technology-enhanced learning spaces in all buildings

Graphic design software for art classes and 3-D printers

Artist-in-residence programs

Property taxes support the schools. Why hold a benefit?

The Shaker Heights Schools are known for their traditionally high level of public support through bond issues and tax levies. However, private contributors have donated funds for items above and beyond the responsibilities of the District’s budget. Your donation will serve to perpetuate and strengthen this tradition of generosity.

Are contributions tax-deductible? How can I make a matching gift contribution?

Your ticket donation to A Night for the Red & White is tax-deductible, minus the goods and services. Your silent auction donation is also tax-deductible up to the stated value. Your accountant can assist with this deduction. Please contact your human resource department to determine if your company has a matching gift program.

Where may I obtain further information?

Information can be found on the Shaker Heights City School District’s website at shaker.org/redandwhite and by contacting: Senior Administrative Assistant for the Red & White, Erica Verderber at 216-295-4319 / verderber_e@shaker.org or· Red & White Executive Committee chairs, Tracy Peebles at 216-401-6754 / temesq98@sbcglobal.net or Theresa Walsh at 216-502-0986/ theresawalsh@me.com
How to bid early:
  • Text shaker to 71760
  • Tap on the link
  • Receive your bid number
  • Buy raffle tickets, speaker tickets, make a donation to our Chromebook project and/or place a bid on a silent auction item
  • Remember to click on MY BILL when you are finished to provide your credit card information for immediate purchasing
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your credit card charge 
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