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Shaker Students Dominate National History Day Competition

March 17, 2017 — Shaker students again were dominant in this month’s National History Day competition. In all, 116 students from the High School, the Middle School and Woodbury competed with nearly 550 other students from other districts. Twenty-seven Shaker projects, representing 48 students, will advance to State Competition April 29. Shaker swept three categories and won seven first-place spots.

Senior Individual Paper:

Third Place: “Hull House: The House of Social Reform” by Marta Bono Balcells.

Second Place: “Oscar James Dunn: The Untold Story of a Slave Who Became America's First Black Elected Official” by Emet Celeste Cohen.

Senior Individual Website

Third Place: And Early Settlers Award winner, “The Little Steel Strike and the Fight for the Right to Unionize” by Lincoln Luzar.

Second Place: “Luther Terry: Taking a Stand Against Smoking” by Ethan Gimbel.

Senior Group Website

First Place: “Sam Leibowitz and Scottsboro Boys Trial” by Emilie Evans, Hannah Roth and Allie Sweeney.

Senior Individual Performance

Second Place: “A House Divided: The Formation of the Republican Party” by Kevin LaMonica.

Senior Group Performance

Second Place: “Our Time is NOW” by Mika Reffner, Natalie Jaeb and Esme Alexander-Jaffe.

First Place: “Nelly Bly: What A Girl Is Good For” by Noa Marcus, Trinity Reeves and Annie Stibora.

Junior Individual Documentary

First Place: “Richard and Mildred Loving: Taking a Stand for Interracial Marriage” by Bess von der Heydt.

Senior Individual Documentary

Runner Up: “Denying Restraints: The Pentagon Papers and the Fight for Free Press” by Astrid Braun.

Third Place: “1968 Olympic Taking a Stand: Black Power Salute” by Fenner Dreyfuss-Wells.

Second Place: “John Brown: The Forgotten Stand in North Elba” by Sandra Harper.

First Place: “American Music Jimi Hendrix and the Star Spangled Banner” by Isabela Carroll.

Junior Group Documentary

Third Place: “Katherine Graham: Taking a Stand Against the Government” by Madeline Price and Kaisal Shah.

Second Place: And Shaker Library Award “Aung Song Suu Kyi: Taking a Stand for Democracy and Citizens' Rights in Myanmar” by Morgan Fowler, Grace Geier and Saskia River.

First Place: “Rosie the Riveter: Taking a Stand for Women in the Workforce” by Sylvie Prause and Kate Schneiberg.

Senior Group Documentary

Cleveland Greys Award for Military History: The Truman Doctrine: "An Investment in World Freedom and Peace" by Will Kieger and Christopher Min.

Runner Up: And Early Settlers Award “Eliot Ness: The City Sweeper” by Brandon Duffett, Carter Belk, Ben Corbin and Keenan O’Toole.

Runner Up: “Protecting Americas Natural Beauty: Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir” by Eliana Sosin and Anna Herbst.

Third Place: “Woody Guthrie: Unmasking Social and Political Injustices” by Ike Moore and Joe Moore.

Second Place: “Margaret Sanger: Motherhood by Choice” by Camille Lamb and Malka Steinberg.

First Place: “Sterilization's Final Chapter: Madrigal v. Quilligan” by Hannah Braun, Melis Baltan Brunet and Olivia La Rue.

Senior Individual Exhibit

Shaker Historical Society Prize: Du Bois and The Crisis: Standing For the Black Man” by Colin Boyle.

Runner Up: And Cleveland Greys Award for Military History “The Fight After the Shots are Fired: Jonathan Letterman takes a Stand for Soldiers' Lives” by Nikhila Balasubramaniam.

Third Place: “Can't Make a Monkey Out of Me: Science and Religion in the Scopes Trial” by Charlotte Lo.

Second Place: “Dr. Seuss: Leading America to Victory” by Anjali Sharma.

Senior Group Exhibit

Maltz Museum Award: “Arthur Lelyveld and The Freedom Summer” by Harry Carroll and Evan Richards.

Runner Up: "Making Water Run Uphill": the Ludlow Community Association” by Elizabeth Brown and Julie Caffrey.

Runner Up: “Stop the War: Students for a Democratic Society” by Rouie Pollack and Caroline Wollman.

First Place: “GOP Stands for Civil Rights: Philadelphia Plan” by Ethan Weingart and Britt Anderson.

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