Miss State of the Schools?

On February 28, Dr. Hutchings shared information about our progress toward our goals and discussed our next steps. Watch the video here.
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About the Library Program

Our school libraries are centers for collaborative learning, where students can find resources to extend their learning with guidance and instruction from professional teacher librarians. 

This site provides resources students can use in school and from any location where they have Internet access.

The library database pages have a new look! Better functionality! Uniform passwords! Images to help younger students! Take it for a spin; click Search Information/Databases on the right.

Check it Out...

Check it Out... 20157784924258_image.jpg INFOhio's Research Project Calculator can assist students in writing an essay or report, creating a PowerPoint® presentation or producing a video. 

Provide a starting and due date for the project and the Calculator will help organize the assignment step by step. Create an account to save and share your assignment(s).
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