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Emma Neil, Senior
Why did you join the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee?
As an upperclassman and IB student, it is my responsibility to take charge of my own education. However, it is not necessary to be an IB Diploma student to appreciate this part of IB, which demands that students motivate themselves to go beyond just doing homework and to become active citizens that seek to make the world a better place. Participating in the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee is my way of making Shaker Heights High School a better place, and inciting other students to take charge of their own educations.
What are your post-high school plans?
I plan to attend college after high school, where I hope to pursue my passion for the environment and languages. It is a dream of mine to study abroad for a year in college as well, to experience a different culture and language in depth. I would also like to continue to play clarinet and soccer in college. Beyond college, who knows where life will take me! I am open to follow its twists and turns as they are presented.
Describe any activities (athletics, music, theatre, youth groups, etc.) you have been involved in during your high school years – in or out of SHHS.
I have been a member of the girls' soccer team at the high school for all three years, and I have played for club teams in the winter and spring for two of those years. I have also played clarinet with the high school's Wind Ensemble for all three years, and participated in the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony my sophomore year, and the Contemporary Youth Orchestra this year, both of which are outside of school. I am also a leader of both the German Club and Public Speaking Club at the high school. Lastly, I have been babysitting my entire high school experience, a job that suits my love of children.
Do you have any volunteer or community service experience? When, where and how much time did you give? How has it influenced your personal growth?
This year I have begun working with fifth- and sixth-grade clarinetists at Woodbury once a week, offering 45-minute free lessons for students who are eager to play, but cannot take private lessons. Working with children is a joy for me, and watching them develop the same raw love for their instrument that I had at their age is a pleasure, especially since I was not able to take private lessons myself until late into middle school. Helping them with the basics has also made me more conscious of my playing. The teacher can and must, learn from the student.
Where do you see yourself in 8-10 years?
Life never goes as planned, but when I am 26, I hope to living in a big city, either in medical school, pursuing a PhD or masters, or working. No matter where I end up, I will find a community of stimulating friends and colleagues, and I will strive to make the world a little brighter.
Please share your favorite quote.
"What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" – Robert H. Schuller

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