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The District has selected S. David Brazer, Ph.D., to guide Shaker Schools in our development of a gifted education plan. Dr. Brazer is an Associate Professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Education and a co-author of the 2016 book, Striving for Equity: District Leadership for Narrowing Opportunity and Achievement Gaps. In the national education community, Dr. Brazer is regarded as an expert in leadership and understanding school policies. His multi-faceted approach to problem-solving in schools and his broader knowledge of the inner workings of public districts will enable Shaker to progress with foresight and diligence.

Dr. Brazer visited with current and former District personnel, site-level administrators and the Board of Education president in early November 2017 to learn more about the District’s strengths and challenges with regard to gifted education. In December 2017, Dr. Brazer will also meet with community stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students, school board members and community leaders.

The information he collects will inform and guide our plan and policy. Also, Dr. Brazer will facilitate a team to work through an improvement process to ensure students’ needs are met. Please note: At this time, no program or policy decisions have been made.

The District has drafted the following timeline to complete a Gifted Education Plan and Gifted Identification Policy by June 30, 2018:

November 2017-January 2018:  Conduct focus groups and individual interviews (students, central office, principals, teachers, parents, community members and other stakeholders) to understand the many different needs and perspectives that currently exist. Read Dr. Brazer's December 11 presentation to the Board, Addressing Practical Challenges: Gifted Education in Shaker Heights City School District. Invitations will be sent to prospective members of the Gifted Education Workgroup in January and the Workgroup's first meeting will be on January 24. Read the Summary from the Gifted Education Workgroup meeting and view the handouts.

February 2018-March 2018:  The Gifted Education Workgroup will analyze the findings from data gathered and draft the Gifted Identification Plan and the Recommended Gifted Identification Policy. The Workgroup will meet February 14 (view the handouts and read the summary from this meeting) and March 7 (view the handouts read the summary from this meeting).

April 2018:  The Gifted Education Workgroup present the draft of Policy IGBB: Program for Students Who are Gifted to the Shaker Heights Board of Education at the April 10 School Board meeting. This will also be considered the Policy’s first reading. (Review the feedback we received to inform the policy.)

May 2018:  Invite public comment and have a second reading of the Draft Gifted Identification Plan and Recommended Gifted Policy. The work group will consider the feedback received and will make any changes necessary. 

June 2018:  School Board approval of the Gifted Identification Plan and Gifted Policy and submission to the Ohio Department of Education.

Feedback on Gifted Education

We appreciate your constructive feedback as we work to create a plan for students who are identified as gifted. Please visit our online feedback form. All feedback will be shared with the Gifted Education Workgroup as an agenda item at each monthly meeting, beginning January 2018.

Please check back on this page for dates of upcoming Gifted Education Workgroup meetings. We welcome you to observe our meetings, though we ask that you email Lisa Gibson if you plan to observe so that we can make any necessary space accommodations.


Terri Breeden
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Learn more about S. David Brazer.


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