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Archived Resources Uploaded April 2012 to June 2012

"Sunday Dialogue - How to Rate Teachers" -New York Times, 3/17/12

"Student Growth Measures - Overview" -Ohio Department of Education

"Does performance-based pay improve teaching?" -PISA In Focus, May 2012

"Peer Assisted Review (PAR), Not Just for Golfers Anymore!" -Race to the Top News & Views, June 11, 2012

"Gates Puts the Focus on Teaching" -NY Times, 5/21/12

"Sec. Arne Duncan: Ask the teachers" -Huffington Post, 5/7/12

"Getting teacher evaluation right" -Hechinger Report, 5/15/12

Four-Tiered Teacher Licensure Structure -Ohio Department of Education

Master Teacher Designation Information -Ohio Department of Education

"Online Practical Guide to Designing Comprehensive Principal Evaluation Systems" -National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

"5 Teacher Evaluation Must-Haves" -Teach Plus/Huffington Post, 4/24/12

"If it’s not valid, reliability doesn’t matter so much! More on VAM-ing & SGP-ing Teacher Dismissal" -School Finance 101, 4/28/12

"Measuring performance: Evaluation of teachers shouldn't lose sight of individual effectiveness" -Columbus Dispatch, 4/21/12

"PAR in Toledo: Continuity through Change"-Harvard Graduate School of Education

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System - 2011 Model Packet

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System - 2011 Overview

Ohio Teacher Evaluation System - Glossary
Ohio Department of Education - Teacher Evaluation Framework

Ohio Department of Education - Educator Evaluation Systems in Ohio

"OTES and some initial impressions" -OSBA Journal, Capital Conference 2011

"Pilot programs for evaluating Ohio teachers, if done well, could yield great benefits", 1/7/12

"Ohio pilot program rating teachers with 'value-added' used for districts" -Plain Dealer, 11/14/11

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