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<center>Woodbury Creating Change 2021</center>

Woodbury Creating Change (WCC) is a unit that promotes empathy, social justice and teaches our students that, together, we can use our art to create positive change. It is a unit that involves students, staff, families and our community. In the past, we have created ceramic bowls, cups, tapas plates and planters. We have donated these unique handmade pieces and have raised money for student-chosen local, national and international nonprofits. Restaurants have graciously donated their delicious goods and many chefs and owners have come to the event to help serve their donation themselves. More than 1,000 people have attended each event. 

Last fall, all Woodbury students created their own layout for an outside eating area and learning center. Local architects visited the students and talked with them about the profession of architecture. Then the pandemic hit and our project paused…

We are now moving forward with the project and are mindful that things have changed. The architects are looking through all 800 artworks and formulating a final design. While they’re working on the design, we’re going to focus on giving back. Let’s create positive change within our local community and help give back to our amazing local restaurants that have so graciously given to us these past ten years! Let us also consider ways to give to local families and people in need.

How Can I Help?

There are three ways you can help right now:

  • Help Spread The Word: Please share our first video on social media and help spread the word. The Shaker Heights City School District will post various weekly updates beginning on February 2. Please share these posts!
  • Support Our Local Restaurants! Check out the list of local restaurants that have donated to WCC in the past. Consider supporting them via curbside pick-up, delivery or gift cards.
  • Consider a donation to the Shaker Hunger NetworkDonations will be collected and money will be used to help provide meals to families in need, possibly towards a picnic event that will be held after the pandemic at the future outdoor site.

WCC Adult Committee

Are you interested in joining the committee? Committee meetings are virtual and focus on three sub-topics: staff outreach, community outreach and student outreach. To join, please email Ms. Deanna Clemente Milne at [email protected].