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Shaker Heights Middle School Wins Ohio STEM Classroom Grant

October 18, 2023 - Shaker Heights Middle School will be awarded $5,000 to expand STEM learning projects through the Ohio STEM Learning Network Classroom Grant Program, funded by Batelle. This grant is one of 233 issued this fall to create sustainable, STEM learning projects. 


The grant was awarded to the Waste Not, Want Not! program, which is part of the Inquiry class taught by Jeremy Bishko. The program plans to use the grant money to purchase commercial dehydrators to make seasonings out of the solid leftovers that result from making hot sauce, reducing food waste. Mr. Bishko will also purchase a commercial label printer to create professional-grade, water proof labels that students will get to design themselves.


"The kids are excited to come to school and do this real, hands-on learning," Bishko said of the inquiry coursework. "It’s relevant to their daily lives. They are learning about food waste, taking note of the food waste they see at home. They’re seeing how they can make the world a better place. We’re starting small, here, and then helping them see how they can work their way out to the greater good."

The grant program fosters the growth of the Ohio STEM Learning Network as a public-private partnership between Battelle and the State of Ohio. Ensuring all students develop the skills to be successful in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields is Battelle’s top philanthropic priority.

The Ohio STEM Learning Network is committed to helping the State of Ohio inspire and train the next generation of innovative leaders. The network operates as a public-private partnership between the Ohio Department of Education and Battelle.