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Shaker Heights Students Excel at State Latin Convention
Thirteen Shaker Heights High School and five Shaker Heights Middle School Students participated in a weekend of competition and fellowship at the Ohio Junior Classical League's state convention.

The awards are as follows:

Certamen, Club & Individual Overall Awards 

Upper Team: 1st Place (Third year in a row)
Emily Boron-Captain, Nathan Ballman, Nora Chevraux, Nikolai Ewing, Madeleine Fraser, Patrick Khayat

Intermediate Team: 1st Place 
Nathaniel Price-Captain, Emily Liu

Novice Team: 7th Place 
Connor Hansen, Alexander Macks, Adrian Rolf, Dinesh Sarma, Anna Walker, Elliott Young
Academic Per Capita: 2nd Place

Overall Per Capita: 5th Place

Overall Sweepstakes: 5th Place

Overall Spirit: 1st Place
Nathan Ballman & Meredith Hurley, Treasurers

Roll Call:2nd place 
Julianna Gentile & Vivian Megenhardt

Commercial: Good
Drake McCandlish
Overall Academics: 1st Place
Emily Boron

Overall Creative Arts: 6th Place
Emily Boron
Academic, Graphic, Creative and Pre-Convention Award Winners
Praslin Arth ‘25: 3rd Dramatic Interpretation; 6th Literature
Nathan Ballman ‘25: 1st Vocabulary; 2nd Reading Comprehension; 3rd Derivatives; 3rd Grammar; 5th Pentathlon; 5th Recitation; 9th Roman Life; 10th Roman History
Emily Boron ‘23: 1st Derivatives, 1st Grammar; 1st Pentathlon; 1st Roman History; 1st Roman Life; 1st Vocabulary; 2nd Literature; 2nd Reading Comprehension; 2nd Recitation; 2nd Sight Reading; 2nd Cartoon; 5th Mythology
Nora Chevraux ‘24: 3rd Constructed Map; 5th Decorative Stitching; 10th Derivatives
Nikolai Ewing ‘23: 2nd Mythology; 3rd English Oratory; 6th Derivatives; 8th Pentathlon; 8th Roman Life; 9th Roman History
Madeleine Fraser ‘24: 6th Roman History; 7th Derivatives; 7th Mythology; 8th Grammar; 8th Modern Myth; 10th Reading Comprehension
Julianna Gentile ‘25: 8th Derivatives
Connor Hansen ‘27: 1st Literature; 3rd Recitation; 6th Derivatives; 6th Pentathlon; 8th Mythology; 8th Reading Comprehension; 9th Roman History; 9th Vocabulary; 10th Grammar
Meredith Hurley ‘25: 8th Literature
Patrick Khayat ‘24: 4th Roman History; 5th Oratory; 8th Mythology; 10th Derivatives
Emily Liu ‘26: 1st Doll; 2nd Mythology; 5th Reading Comprehension; 5th Roman Life; 6th Pentathlon; 6th Vocabulary; 8th Derivatives
Alexander Macks ‘27: 6th Literature; 7th Derivatives; 7th Vocabulary; 7th Large Model
Vivian Megenhardt ‘25: 10th Derivatives
Nathaniel Price ‘25: 1st Pentathlon; 3rd Mythology; 3rd Sight Reading; 5th Reading Comprehension; 5th Roman History; 6th Roman Life; 10th Derivatives; 10th Literature
Adrian Rolf ‘27: 2nd Derivatives; 3rd Vocabulary; 6th Sight Reading; 7th Pentathlon; 8th Mythology; 9th Literature
Dinesh Sarma ‘27: 3rd Literature; 4th Game; 9th Mythology
Elliott Young ‘27: 7th Derivatives; 8th Literature; 9th Drawn Chart