HS, MS: College Credit Plus Evening
Starting 11/28/2022 at 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM
Event Groups:
• High School - HS - General
• Middle School - MS - General
• Woodbury School - WO - General
• Shaker Heights Schools - District Events
If you and/or your child want to learn more about College Credit Plus (CCP), please join us for our College Credit Plus (CCP) Information MeetingCCP is Ohio’s program that allows qualifying students to earn free college credit during grades 7 - 12. Hear all about the opportunities and challenges of the CCP program. For more information about CCP, visit http://www.shaker.org/ccp.aspx. Contact your School Counselor, or Gabrielle Perrin, District CCP Coordinator with questions.

Did you know...
College Credit Plus students are treated as college students, expected to attend class, meet with classmates to complete projects, and address any scheduling conflicts that come up with middle/high school classes and activities. The college classes CCP students attend are regular college courses; they are learning alongside adult learners. Professors and school officials must honor the privacy of CCP students and do not communicate with parents. Success in CCP courses requires significant maturity and responsibility, along with academic achievement. Any student grades 7-12 can participate in College Credit Plus, if they have been admitted to the college they wish to attend, and satisfy any prerequisites or requirements for the particular course(s) they want to take.

Shaker Heights High School Large Auditorium
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