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From Your School Nurse: Is it a Cold or an Allergy?

Child blowing nose into a tissue 
Spring has sprung in Shaker Heights, and with it sometimes comes sneezing and sniffling. Use the chart below, courtesy of your Shaker Heights Schools nurses, to help distinguish if you or your student is experiencing cold or allergy symptoms, as well as the expected duration, treatment options, prevention tips and possible complications.
Symptoms Cold Airborne Allergy 
Cough Common 
General Aches, Pains Slight 
Fatigue, Weakness Sometimes Sometimes 
Itchy Eyes Rare or Never 
Sneezing Usual 
Sore Throat Common Sometimes 
Runny Nose Common Common 
Stuffy Nose Common Common 
Fever Rare Never 


3 to 14 days Weeks (ex.: ragweed or grass pollen seasons = 6 weeks) 


- Antihistamines
- Decongestants
- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines 
- Antihistamines
- Nasal steroids
- Decongestants 


- Wash your hands often with soap and water
- Avoid close contact with anyone with a cold 
- Avoid those things that you are allergic to, such as pollen, house dust mites, mold, pet dander, cockroaches 


- Sinus infection
- Middle ear infection
- Asthma exacerbation 
- Sinus infection
- Asthma exacerbation 

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