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Safety and Security Reflections and Updates

January 17, 2024

Dear Shaker Heights Families and Community,

Last week was a hard week for our students and staff at our High School. Following several incidents in the school, the District called a virtual day of learning on Friday, January 12, in order to review safety and security policies and protocols prior to the return of students this week. 

Last night, the Board of Education convened a special meeting to discuss security and safety issues. While we can’t share the details of an executive session discussion, we feel that it’s important for us to communicate directly to the community. We also ask for your support as the District makes changes necessary to ensure our students are as safe as possible while in school, as well as the long-term work needed to understand the root causes of some of the behaviors we are seeing. 

High School Principal Eric Juli sent a letter to our High School families, outlining updated procedures and policies to enhance security measures immediately. We support these measures and appreciate the collaborative planning that led to their development.

In addition to these immediate measures, we recognize the need for a comprehensive, community-driven approach. Over the next few weeks, we will be working with the District to schedule a series of conversations with parents, community members and students to gain insights and feedback on steps that we can take to strengthen security, safety and belonging in our schools. 

As both Board members and parents, we grasp the gravity of this situation and are committed to an open and collaborative process. For direct communication or to share your insights, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or individually. Our emails are below.

We understand that this topic is one we cannot afford to take lightly. We truly appreciate your belief in and support of our Shaker Heights students and community.

Thank you for your collaboration.

The Shaker Heights Board of Education

Lora Cover, [email protected]
Alison Bibb-Carson, [email protected]
Pam Scott, [email protected]
Doug Wang, [email protected]
Heather Weingart, [email protected]

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