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A Message Regarding the War in Israel

October 11, 2023—As a school community, we condemn the recent terrorist attacks on Israel. We know that many of our students, staff and families have close personal ties to the region, and we mourn the ongoing loss of life.
Our District supports all those families, students and staff members within our school community who may be directly impacted and have loved ones affected by the conflict. We believe schools must provide a safe space for all students and all members of our community to learn about and discuss world events.
Families should be aware that graphic, disturbing images and videos may be broadcast on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Please be vigilant in monitoring your children’s access to social media to protect them from these pictures and images. We will be doing the same in our schools as well.
Assistance is available to students who may need additional support due to these troubling events. Please visit the District's Social & Emotional Skills Resources webpage for building-specific resources and personnel.
Additionally, the American School Counselor Association has compiled a list of resources for families and educators specific to the events in Israel:
Education Week
How to Talk About the Israel-Hamas War: Resources for Educators
How to Help Students Cultivate Hope When Worrisome News is Stressing Them Out
San Diego County Office of Education
Resources for Educators, Families to Discuss the Events in Israel and Gaza with Students
The New York Times
The Israel-Gaza War: A Forum for Young People to React
Supporting Children to Manage Anxiety over War, Conflict and Crises
In Shaker Heights, we are committed to educating students to prepare them to help make the world a better place. As always, when we experience loss, injustice and conflict, this work has never been more urgent or necessary.  
Dr. David Glasner, Superintendent
Shaker Heights Schools

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