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Shaker Heights Students Find Success at Regional National History Day Competition

March 5, 2024 -- Over 70 Students from Shaker Heights High School and 3 Shaker Heights Middle School students competed this past Saturday at Regionals for the National History Day competition. Over half of our students earned the opportunity to compete at Ohio’s National History Day competition in April, and 4 additional students also won Special Prizes for their work illuminating diverse topics of both national and local importance. Thirty-seven students are advancing to states, with 15 projects from Shaker Heights High School and one project from Shaker Heights Middle School. 

High School students work with Individuals and Societies teachers Sarah Davis and Joseph Konopinski, and Middle School students work with David Soluga. Students also work with librarian Robin Sweigert, who works weekly with the National History Day club, and Paul Kelly and Chuck Kelly at the Shaker Writing Center.

The Regional National History Day competition, in its 50th year, is hosted by the Cleveland History Center at University Circle. Congratulations to all of our students!

Special Prizes

Shaker Library Research Award

A Contradictory Turning Point: The US Occupation of Haiti

Julia Koops

Category: Junior Individual Documentary

Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve Award

River Fires Everywhere: The Sacrifice of Cleveland´s Reputation for Environmental Justice

Spencer Ulchak

Category: Senior Individual Documentary

Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve Award

Architect of Industry: Unraveling the Legacy of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company

Henry Augustine, Henry Barrera, Gavin Ersepke

Category: Senior Group Exhibit

Category Results

Shaker Middle School Champs Pick

A Contradictory Turning Point: The US Occupation of Haiti

Julia Koops

Senior Individual Documentary

Third Place

Female Directors in Hollywood: From Silent to Silenced

Isabel Siegel

Senior Group Documentary

Third Place

Miles Davis and the Transformation of American Music

Jonah Paponetti, David Rhodes 

Second Place

MTV: The Revolution That Rocked America

Jack Dunn, Augustus Grey, Spencer Zbanek

Senior Individual Exhibit

Third Place

A Turning Point in History: Social Security Act of 1935

Shane Karlowicz Jr

First Place

Fission to Fallout: How the Atomic Bomb Changed the World

Lara Sesenoglu-Laird

Senior Group Exhibit

Honorable Mention

Born to Revolutionize Women in World War II

Mia Anthony, Arabella Kielbasa

Third Place

The Accomplishments of Billie Jean King

Maya Kestin, Sloane Gurney, Caroline Niess, Katherine Adams

Second Place

Highway Revolution: The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956

Jacob Clellen, Bernat Corcelles Huerta, Robert (Huck) Weinberg

First Place

Ms.: A Movement Beyond the Magazine

Eleanor Allan, Alexa Carpenter, Molly Milligan, Audrey Steinmetz

Senior Group Performance

Third Place

Kent State Tragedy: A Turning Point in Anti-War Protests

Luca Arnoldi, Isaac Hren, Charles Griest, Loukas White

First Place

Loving vs Virginia : A Story of Trials and Triumph

Myles Hills, Sarah Holbrook, Leah Reymann

Senior Individual Website

Third Place

Fighters for Racial Change: The Tuskegee Airmen

Asa Zeigler

Senior Group Website

Third Place

Unlocking the Mind: How the Publication of Patricia Goldman-Rakic's Scientific Journals Marked a Turning Point in Brain Science

Abby Hahnenberg, Kelsey Rogers

Second Place

The Brady Bill: A New Era In Gun Control Politics

William Coffey, Talia Kansal, Nathaniel Price, Parisa Tendulkar

Senior Paper

Second Place

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution: A Turning Point in United States Politics

Mason Zhang

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