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Shaker Heights Students Excel at State Latin Convention

March 12, 2024 -- Twenty-eight Latin students from Grades 7-12 attended the Ohio Junior Classical League Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Shaker delegates participated in academic, graphic arts and creative competitions with other Latin-enthusiasts from across the state. Students also attended interactive colloquia about different topics regarding the classical world and competed in the Latin quiz-bowl competition of Certamen. 

Club Awards

Certamen (Advanced) - 5th Place

Certamen (Intermediate) - 3rd Place

Certamen (Novice) - 8th Place

Commercial - Good 

Total Convention Ranking - 6th Place

Individual Awards

Praslin Arth (Level 4): Dramatic Interpretation (Upper) 3rd Place

Nathan Ballman (Level 4): Roman Life 3rd Place; Vocabulary 4th Place

Nora Chevraux (Level 4): Derivatives 7th Place; Mythology 1st Place; Pentathlon 7th Place; Roman History 9th Place; Roman Life 6th Place

Maeve Coffey (Level ½): Pentathlon 7th Place; Latin Recitation 6th Place

Ruth Foreman (Level 2) : Derivatives 9th Place; Literature 6th Place; Pencil Drawing 7th Place

Madeleine Fraser (Level 4): Grammar 7th Place; Literature 9th Place; Mythology 1st Place; Pentathlon 3rd Place; Roman Life 9th Place; Vocabulary 4th Place

Connor Hansen (Level 2): Grammar 7th Place; Mythology 6th Place; Reading Comprehension 6th Place; Roman History 6th Place; Roman Life 7th Place; Vocabulary 8th Place; Sight Latin Reading 7th Place

Meredith Hurley (Level 4): Roman History 10th Place

Francesca Iverson (Level 4): Derivatives 6th Place; Reading Comprehension 2nd Place; Vocabulary 10th Place

Llew Jameson (Level 1): Literature 10th Place; Roman History 10th Place

Chloe Jeter (Level ½): Vocabulary 5th Place

Patrick Khayat (Level 4): Literature 3rd Place; Mythology 1st Place; Pentathlon 7th Place; Roman History 1st Place; Roman Life 8th Place

Mckaylan Langan (Level 2): Derivatives 7th Place

Emily Liu (Level 3): Derivatives 7th Place; Mythology 5th Place; Pentathlon 5th Place; Jewelry 9th Place; Oil and Acrylic 6th Place

Nathaniel Price (Level 3): Derivatives 7th Place; Grammar 7th Place; Literature 3rd Place; Mythology 1st Place; Reading Comprehension 3rd Place; Roman History 5th Place; Sight Latin Reading (Prose) 8th Place

Adrian Rolf (Level 2): Academic Test Totals (All Levels) 4th Place; Derivatives 1st Place; Grammar 4th Place; Literature 7th Place; Mythology 1st Place; Pentathlon 4th Place; Reading Comprehension 8th Place; Roman History 8th Place; Roman Life 5th Place; Vocabulary 2nd Place; Poetry 9th Place

Dinesh Sarma (Level 2): Derivatives 6th Place; Grammar 10th Place; Mythology 6th Place; Roman Life 10th Place

Elliott Young (Level 2):  Derivatives 9th Place; Drawn Chart 6th Place

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