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Board Will Not Allow Staff to Carry Firearms in School

June 16, 2022—The Board of Education, with the support of the District administration and teachers, will not create a policy that would allow staff members to carry firearms in school.
The declaration was in response to House Bill 99, which gives school districts the option of allowing teachers and school staff to carry guns on campus after just 24 hours of training with the weapon. The law was signed into law Monday by Gov. Mike DeWine
On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the Board unanimously approved a resolution condemning the law and demanding stricter gun control laws.
Board Vice President Heather Weingart said the new law, combined with a law that eliminates the need for a permit to carry a concealed weapon, puts Ohioans at increased risk.
“Neither of these laws do anything to add even the slimmest layer of protection for our students or staff,” she said. “It's a sad statement on where Ohio’s gun laws are headed.”
The Board also unanimously approved a resolution condemning House Bill 616, which prohibits all Ohio schools from “teaching or providing training that promotes or endorses divisive or inherently racist concepts.” The bill was introduced into the House on May 31. 
“Communicating our District’s values and needs to state legislators and the governor is one of our most important duties as elected board members,” said Board member Lora Cover. “It is also our duty as a school board to speak out to protect our teachers and administrators, our students, our families and stakeholders from racist, homophobic and transphobic legislation that hurts our students, intimidates our teachers and steps on our constitutional right to set standards for our local school district. 
Both resolutions were supported by the Shaker Heights Teachers’ Association.

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