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A Letter from Mr. Forman about Students and Phones

Woodbury Families,

It is our goal for all students at Woodbury to have a safe, warm, welcoming, and engaged environment. As a school and community we also want to help students develop balanced and healthy relationships with technology. With this in mind, we are strongly encouraging students to leave cell phones at home on school days. There will be no cell phone use permitted for students during the school day at Woodbury. 

We understand that changes arise in our families and we all need to communicate with our children and family members. If any parent or guardian needs to communicate with their child, please do so through the main office. We can only take dismissal changes directly made via phone or email to the main office. Any requests communicated via student cell phone will not be honored

During the first weeks of the school year teachers will be discussing with students why this expectation exists at Woodbury, and helping them focus on the healthy balance we all are trying to find with technology in our modern world. 

I ask that you please reinforce this message with your children at home. Thank you as always for your support of our school.

Eric Forman


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