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Watch the November 29 Board of Education Work Session on Facilities Planning

November 30, 2022—The Tuesday, November 29, Board of Education Work Session addressed long-term facilities planning. We encourage families, staff and community members to watch the recording of the discussion here. The link includes a video index to highlight the video segments below, which you will see on the right side of the page. Please click on the topic link or scroll to the noted timestamp.
Based on the Board of Education’s consensus and direction, the District will be further exploring the following facilities plans:

  • Expanding K-4 elementary schools to include Grade 5. (begins at 02:12:43)
  • Locating a Middle Years Building (Grades 6-8) at the current Woodbury site. (begins at 03:43:17)
  • A decentralized model for an expanded PreK program, which would be housed in 2-3 elementary school buildings. (begins at 04:08:57)
  • A thorough renovation of the District's elementary schools, equivalent to the recent Fernway renovation, and in alignment with state school construction standards. (begins at 04:17:00)
Highlights from the meeting include:

  • High School Principal Eric Juli presented on the High School facility and school safety. (begins at 07:35)
  • Kindergarten teachers Beth Brazalovics and Shanna Hildebrandt spoke to current classroom facilities. (begins at 16:15)
  • Chief Strategic Priorities Officer Dr. Marla Robinson discussed PreK considerations. (begins at 55:03)
  • Chief Operations Officer Jeff Grosse and Director of Buildings & Grounds Dave Boyer discussed operating and capital expenses for the District’s current buildings. (begins at 01:24:45)
  • Superintendent Dr. David Glasner presented on the District’s history of facilities and planning (begins at 02:07:53)
  • Jeff Grosse and Todd Gerber (Gilbane Building Company) discussed building capacity data and cost estimates (begins at 02:12:43)
  • Treasurer Bryan Christman discussed bond issuance costs. (begins at 02:56:51)
  • The Board addressed decision points needed to further the long-term facilities planning discussions. (begins at 03:37:44)
  • Executive Director of Communications Scott Stephens discussed next steps for engagement in the long-term facilities planning process. (begins at 04:50:39)
Discussions, including plans for the High School, will continue in the coming months with the Board aiming to vote on a master facilities plan in April 2023.

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