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Don’t Miss It! Watch the Board Presentation “Excellence is Inclusive: Detracking Update”

February 28, 2023—Shaker Heights Schools administrators and faculty led the Board of Education on Monday through a discussion titled “Excellence is Inclusive: Detracking Update.”
To watch the presentation, please go to
Highlights of the meeting included:
The What: Director of Curriculum & Instruction Dr. John Moore explained that detracking creates inclusive classrooms by integrating multiple “tracks” based on the same academic content standards and universally high expectations. Detracking does not remove programs such as IB Diploma Programme (IB-DP), Advanced Placement (AP), College Credit Plus (CCP) or Career-Technical Education (CTE) courses. Instead, detracking aims to increase the number of students who are prepared for each of these High School course pathways.
The Why: Dr. Moore and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer Dr. Lawrence Burnley explained that detracking into heterogeneous classrooms is beneficial for all students, allowing for positive peer interactions and facilitating the distribution of resources more equitably. Combining courses can accelerate the growth of students who were previously placed in lower track courses, without negatively impacting the achievement levels of students who were previously placed in higher track courses. 
The How: Shaker Heights Schools Mathematics and Language & Literature faculty presented examples of their heterogeneous classrooms in action, including how classroom practices are supporting all learners. For a brief sample video of a detracked math classroom, please go to  

The Data: Dr. Moore reviewed and discussed various measures the District is monitoring, including MAP and Ohio state assessments, the District’s culture and climate survey, student success outcomes in Algebra I, and student participation in the different High School pathways (IB-DP, AP, CCP and CTE).

The District will also host a session at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 23, titled “2023 State of the Schools: A Virtual Discussion,” which will continue to address this work. To join that presentation on March 23, please go to

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