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Learning & Teaching Work Group Process

Work Group Process

  • A work group submits proposal using Work Group Proposal Google Form
  • If the work group proposal is approved by the Director of Curriculum, the work group names are approved by the School Board 


  • A work group completes the proposed work using the Benchmarking tools (as applicable, such as the PYP Unit Rubric or MYP Unit Rubric)
  • All curriculum should be "capable" according to the rubrics
  • All work should be in ManageBac (5-12) or identified storage location (PK-4) 

  • Work groups share completed work with peers
  • Peers, including the IB coordinator, provide feedback and units revised accordingly
  • "Capable" work is submitted to the IB coordinator and building principal for verification
  • Completed "Work Group Verification Form" submitted to Cathy Mitro (Primary) or Lisa Gibson (Secondary) in the office of Learning & Teaching