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Accessing District Wi-Fi

While District Wi-Fi access for employees and students through District-issued devices should be seamless, the information below will help guide guests as well as employees and students using personal devices.
Instructions for Employees & Students using Personal Devices
If you are a Shaker employee or student and you would like to connect your personal device to the Shaker Wi-Fi network, follow the steps below.
  1. In the network connection settings of your device, select the SHCS_WIFI network and click "Connect."
  2. Open your web browser. You will be directed to the PacketFence captive portal page. Select Username/Password Login as the authentication method. 
  3. Acknowledge the District's Acceptable Use Policy. Click "I Accept the Terms." 
  4. Enter your Shaker username (NOT your email address) and password. Click Continue. You are now connected to the SHCS_WIFI network for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you will need to re-connect.


Visit the Shaker Help Desk Website at You must be logged in to your Shaker Gmail account to access the site.

Downloadable Instructions