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Are Shaker Heights schools, libraries and city facilities important to you? Do you want to guide their future direction? Join us as we begin to implement the vision!
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Shaker Heights Teachers' Association


President – John Morris
Vice President – Matt Zucca
Secretary – Darlene Garrison
Treasurer – Bill Scanlon
SHTA-ST Rep – D. Michael Wells

Support Teachers

OAPSE #149 Secretarial/Clerical

President - Julie Vargo
Vice President - Betsy Murray
Treasurer - Mae Morrical
Secretary - Donna Segesdy  

OAPSE #152 Security

President - Dwayne Jackson
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - CC Whitley 
Treasurer - Deana Bush

OAPSE Paraprofessionals #153

President - Angell Quarterman
Vice President - Michael Summers
Secretary - Sharon Holloway
Treasurer - Patricia Kilroy

Local #200 Custodians, Grounds,
and Bus Drivers

President - James Dean 
Vice President - Kevin Ivey
Treasurer - Debora Gainey
Steward - Athea McDowell
Steward - Lawrence Wervey 
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